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    (3.93/5) 14 rates
    Mrdox, 9 november 2018 11:16

    ♯Iconoclasts ✎

    Iconoclasts are a rare case in the gaming world, they are a game designed by only one person. Yes, the talented Swedish designer Joakim Sandberg has worked on this game and painted its entire world with Ksla Baksala, moving each character, designing each puzzle, and every stage. Not only that, but Joachim also composed the game, and we can say that this game represents a personality designed entirely, and his vision of the 16-bit games of golden era, and how he wanted to be.

    Let's begin by explaining the nature of the game. Iconoclasts is a two-dimensional adventure game with metroidoid elements. The game can not be considered as a real metroid. The game world is connected but it does not depend on the loss of the game world and the upgrade of abilities to reach new places. In fact, upgrading capabilities plays a very simple role. This game. The game relies on fighting and solving puzzles in the first place, in addition to exploration.

    The story of this game is about a world governed by an object known as Mother and controlled by a strange organization called One Concern. This organization pulls the white-colored Ivorian energy from the planet  and feeds its mechanisms, It also conducts experiments in which humans integrate with the Ivorian, those who then acquire non-human capabilities and become agents responsible for imposing order. Those who survive this process ideally become qualified to lead the human race and acquire the ability to control What contains the Ivorian material.

    The way to play, here is the real power of the game Iconoclasts and shines like the sun at noon! At the beginning, we would like to assure you that this game has a collection of the greatest battles of the leaders that we have experienced in any two-dimensional game at all, if not the best! These battles are not difficult games Megaman, for example, but it is more genius and innovative, one of the battles in the game coming directly from the series of Gear Gear Solid and the famous part of the third part, and will not tell you about any battle we talk so as not to spoil the surprise. At the same time there is another battle that seems to be coming directly to us from the legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. The diversity of the game in the battles of the leaders deserves all the admiration.

    With regard to fighting against normal enemies, this part of the game is not very different from the other two-dimensional games, there are many kinds of enemies, and there is not much depth in the way they fight, however our heroine Robin can shoot, Close by using the key, or landing heavily over the enemies when jumping, and when progress in the game will get Robin additional capabilities, and these abilities and weapons will play their role not only in the battles of leaders, but in solving the puzzles as well.

    Rate this article ♯Iconoclasts ✎

    (3.93/5) 14 rates


    ok bro good stufff

    9 november 2018 23:42

    I like this game :)

    9 november 2018 21:06