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    Cicxrexx, 10 november 2018 04:33

    7 curiosities of shovel knight

    Hi... i hope you enjoy these curiosities jeje

    In this article I am going to talk about the most curious things that have seemed to me.
    (The article was created by me, they are free to check it)

    For starters, what is Shovel Knight?

    Shovel Knight is an indie 2D side-scrolling platform game developed and published by Yacht Club Games. Released on July 26, 2014.

    This top does not have any specific order.
    Now that we have clarified this, we will move on to the curiosities that I found most interesting:

    Curiosity number 1 - (300,000 dollars)

    This game was founded with a campaign in kick starter, initially asked for $ 75,000 to develop the game, however users to see that it was a game too promising began to donate and donate thus getting more than $ 300,000 Incredible not? As an extra curious fact, if you donated 1000 dollars to this campaign you could design a character for the game, 5 users donated this huge amount of money therefore there are 5 enemies that the fans designed.

    Curiosity number 2 - (Achievement campfire)
    One of the achievements called "Only you" appears after digging the embers of a campfire at the end of each level, this refers to a Canadian advertising campaign for the prevention of forest fires. This is a nice detail from the developers that I found interesting to add.

    Curiosity number 3 - (Code in the name)
    The game allows you to enter a series of codes with numbers and letters on the screen to select your name before starting a new game. There are 319 codes that each do something different, for example. There is a code that changes all the important words by the word "butt".

    Curiosity number 4 - (First amiibo)
    Shovel knight is the first amiibo launched on the market of a game that has not been developed by Nintendo, quite an achievement for independent games, in addition to this the creators decided not to include in the box the metal sheet that blocks the sensor of the figure, which is perfect since it makes it fully functional without having to remove it from its original packaging. For all this I have to take my hat off to the developers.

    Curiosity number 4 - (Nostalgia of the classic games)
    Shovel knight, in my opinion, knows how to work too well with nostalgia for classic games, both in 8-bit aesthetics, music and mechanics. It shows that they were too fond of the game and it is a curiosity that does not have to be missed.

    Curiosity number 5 - (3D game)
    For some strange reason, the players began to ask the developers quite intensively for a version of the game in 3D, with a format similar to the Nintendo64 platform games, so the company was forced to do so by announcing a Shovel Knight 64. .. but ... for the Commodore 64 hahaha.

    Curiosity number 6 - (cameos)
    This title from one moment to another, became an icon representative of the development of independent video games, to the point of having many cameos, more than 20 to be more specific. I do not want to list them because there are too many games and it would be boring to read and it is not the idea.

    Curiosity number 7 - (DCI's)
    Thanks to the campaign that managed to raise a lot of money, the creators of the title decided to add expansions to the game, giving the players much more content to play. We sincerely appreciate these gestures because they fulfilled everything they promised and much more.

    Rate this article 7 curiosities of shovel knight

    (4/5) 15 rates


    It looks genuinely interesting and original.
    Just double check your grammar in some sections.
    Also, i don't think Curiosity #4 is even a curiosity; it's more of a known fact.

    10 november 2018 08:13

    Kinda interesting but could be done better. GH is screwing me over with articles so I'll let this one slide.

    10 november 2018 07:53

    Enjoyed the article. Loved the game.

    19 october 2019 03:34

    It's interesting, but the article itself isn't too well-written.

    20 may 2019 18:47