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    (4.33/5) 27 rates
    yazdan, 26 january 2019 07:28

    Hyper Heroes: Marble-Like RPG

    For a long time, I am playing different mobile games with different style and classes until I accidentally saw this game advertisement and in the game's trailer seeing my favorite heroes amazed me. In this article, we are going to talk about “hyper heroes”, one of the Addictive mobile games have ever made.

    I'm not going to give you a headache but you have to know just a little about characters that present here in this game. characters like Vergil and Dante Sparda (twin sons of legendary Sparda in Devil May Cry video games), Loki (Thor's brother, one of the most popular characters of comic books and Marvel studio), hell boy, guan yu from dynasty warriors series , king kong , monkey king, sloth from ZOTOPIA animation, some characters like john snow and Daenerys Targaryen from game of throne, Legolas from Lord of the rings , Athena from wonder woman and some others character from Japanese animes. What I'm trying to say is that you can find many of your favorite characters in this game.

    Now let's move on and talk about its gameplay.


    Your journey will be started in the middle of a war where four heroes are trying to save one of their friends that is captured by an alien monster. at the start of the game, you have four heroes, that in every turn you can move just one of them. all you have to do is taping on your hero, slide your finger on a screen and send your hero toward the enemy. every hero has its own special ability that you should know in order to get the best result.

    you will face two types of challenges here, PvE(against AI) and PvP(against other players). In PvE, you can completely control your heroes however in PVP mode you will just manage your team and will send them to the battlefield. You should analysis enemy teams and then send your best team to smash them. you can also create a guild with your friends and during guild war attack other guilds and win valuable prizes Also, there is a coop part that u can get help from other players and attack PvE enemies for more resources to upgrade your heroes.

    "if during your hero's movement he/she across from near of your other heroes they will attack to the enemy with their trigger skills. what is the trigger skills? we will reach that soon."

    A Close look:

    you will have Four types of heroes:
    • Warriors:
    • Mage:
    • rouge:
    • Tank:
    Heroes have 3 levels here.
    1. Normal heroes: normal heroes usually are easy to gain during playing the game's missions, but most of them don't have any special skills and honestly, most of them are useless. upgrading them is just wasting your resources, but in the beginning, you have no choice, after all, you should play with weak heroes to gain better heroes.
    2. S heroes: These heroes are better in damage, power, and resistance than normal heroes buts still don't have effective skills.
    3. SS heroes: these heroes have the greatest damage, resistance, mastery in skills in the game.

    some heroes have great damage, on the other hand, some of them have mastery in skills but in some cases, they have both, good damage and good skills. you can earn the ss heroes during the game but not all of them, you should pay for others.

    Every hero has four abilities.
    1. Rage: during the battle, your rage will increase and when it reached 100%, you can unleash a destructive attack however it is different in each hero.
    2. Trigger: if your hero across near one of your other heroes during its movement, their trigger ability will be activated and they will attack the enemy with their trigger ability.
    3. Finisher: every hero at the end of it movements will use a finisher attack and finishes its attack with a bang! That it can be some kind of skills or just some more attacks without any skills.
    4. Skill: it really hasn’t any regular pattern and it's completely different from a hero to another. for example, having immunity against some skills, giving more damage to their teammates, increasing the resistance and etc.

    in this game, there are many skills, each hero, based on their type, may be able to use some of them for example:

    • Silence: it will stop enemies from using their finisher, rage or trigger but they can still move and active their teammates trigger.
    • Chaos: this skill will do a spell on enemy heroes and they will attack to their teammate
    • Charm: it is just like chaos but weaker, some heroes are immune against it
    • Stun: this skill makes enemy hero useless some turns if an enemy hero is stunned it can't move or cast any skill or ability


    The game can be rated as a normal-graphic game for mobile platform however fantasy design and visual animated effects made the game's environment so cool. collecting all those details of characters in this kind of graphic is amazing, I mean just look at the designing of heroes, yes it is too simple but each hero matches his real character perfect.

    Pros and cons

    here in hyper heroes, a player with high paying-rate has the upper hand, some heroes should be bought there is no other way to get them, heroes are expensive, the time to get a hero(collecting the cards) is high and you should be always online with a stable connection due to real-time battles. on the other side, simple graphic with details, animated effects, the variety of lovely heroes, real-time battles, co-op battles (cool part), and entertaining events are some of the good points of this game.

    Last words

    with all these good points, with each update and new heroes, the game is trying to entertain you for a long time as it entertained me during these 2 years(my guild hit the 4th place in Europe server). you will have some great challenges that make you enjoy this game. "Which team will be the best team for def? And which team should I use to attack this player?", these questions will be with you all the time.

    download it for IOS/Android with the links below:

    Rate this article Hyper Heroes: Marble-Like RPG

    (4.33/5) 27 rates


    It is a good genre

    28 january 2019 04:36

    Nice. Work on this

    28 january 2019 04:10

    good artice,well written,good job

    26 january 2019 13:10

    Article is superb

    26 january 2019 23:32

    This article is really good 9. 9/10

    27 january 2019 15:35

    Not copied,really nice!!

    27 january 2019 20:16

    Very well written. Good article.

    27 january 2019 23:53

    wow nice one

    26 january 2019 11:19

    few grammatical errors but on the whole good article

    26 january 2019 07:43

    Proper work = Yes from me.

    26 january 2019 10:22