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    Rate this article "Bloons Tower Defense 6: Review"

    (4.52/5) 31 rates
    SapoCorDeRosa, 25 january 2019 20:47

    Bloons Tower Defense 6: Review

    Bloons Tower Defense is a series of tower defense games for PC and Mobile: games where you have to defend yourself from hordes of enemies by placing units so you don't let them reach the end. In the case of Bloons Tower Defense (BTD), your enemies are balloons (named bloons) and you have to place monkeys or other units such as tack shooting machines in order not to let the bloons pass.

    The series is developed by Ninja Kiwi and the latest game is Bloons Tower Defense 6, the game I am showcasing in this article. However, I recommend playing the other BTD games, including spin-offs such as BTD Battles and Bloons Monkey City.


    As in other BTD, you start with a certain amount of cash and lives and you have to deploy Towers (Monkeys) to prevent the bloons from escaping to the end of your track, and gain more cash each time you pop a bloon so you can upgrade your current towers and place new ones. You start off with Dart Monkey without access to any upgrade and keep earning XP each time you use your towers and pass rounds to unlock the access to more towers and new upgrades. 

    Each tower has three different upgrade paths with 5 upgrades each. However, after buying upgrades from two paths, the other will be locked, and also, buying the third upgrade for each path will lock the other path so it cannot go above 2.

    There are different types of Bloons, they start out as red bloons, the most basic ones, then blue bloons, which spawn a red when popped, then greens which spawn a blue one and it goes on up to the highest ranks of bloons. There are also special bloons that have immunities or special traits and also boss bloons, also known as MOAB-Class.

    The game features many tracks, three basic difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard which change the required round to win, the tower prices and the bloon speed. However, there are also special rules available in the game and challenges/events which come with a defined ruleset.

    New features

    Unlike BTD5 and its spin-off games, towers now have a third upgrade path and a fifth upgrade for each one, which can only be deployed once per game.

    BTD6 features Hero towers: Just like the fifth upgrade for regular, you cannot have more than one hero at time. Heroes gain XP each round and do not require money being spent on them to upgrade, however, you can opt to use cash to speed up the progress.

    Monkey Knowledge
    , a feature that lets you spend points you earn on an upgrade tree that permanently gives you benefits during gameplay. Monkey Knowledge, however, is also a feature in Bloons Monkey City, but it uses a skill point system where you choose the paths instead of earning cards and leveling up to a set upgrade.

    New towers, BTD6 brought Monkey Alchemist and Druid Monkey. Keep in mind that the game is recent and will most likely be updated with new towers, and also towers from previous games not yet in this one such as the Monkey Engineer and the Dartling Gunner.

    Bloons TD 6 is not a free game, it is paid both in Steam and Mobile. However, I recommend buying the game as I find it extremely fun and it is a game that deserves more recognition. 

    If you can't afford buying the game or want to try out a free Bloons Tower Defense gameplay experience before purchasing BTD6, you can do it in ninjakiwi.com, or download Bloons Monkey City or Bloons TD Battles for free in Playstore/Appstore, or the latter from Steam.

    Rating: 4.8/5

    Rate this article Bloons Tower Defense 6: Review

    (4.52/5) 31 rates


    Nice game looks like a good indie game for kids.

    8 july 2021 09:39

    so amazing....once you reach higher level you want to get mor ahead

    7 february 2019 18:26

    Very nice article and this game its very good

    17 april 2019 21:46

    my rating will be infinity/69420

    10 february 2020 11:55

    that so funny game nice article

    17 november 2019 01:30

    I love This Game, also good article! I used to play this game a lot but i stopped it bcs of little boriness

    13 march 2019 21:25

    Great 👌

    13 march 2019 16:44

    mah rating will be 10/10 is a good game looks good and it has multiplayer now lel I'm writing this in 2019 heh

    10 august 2019 21:14

    Nice something i looked for, ty

    26 january 2019 07:35

    My rating will be 4/5

    26 january 2019 07:07