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    CamPo97, 12 august 2018 09:41

    How to start the Rust Game tips.

    Hello guys, in this article i will write some tips, how to start the Rust playing. Be smarts!

    You are playing first time with the Rust? Check this article and you will know how to start!

    First time you need to install, and when you not have a High Quality PC, you need to do this steps on steam.

    1st step: Go to your "Library", right click on the Rust, click on Propertiers, Set Launch Options, and write to over there this options:
    -high -malloc=system -winxp -force-feature-level-11-0 -maxMem=(number of your RAM converted in MB),so for example : 4 GB of RAM: -maxMem=4096 6 GB of RAM: -maxMem=6144 8 GB of RAM: -maxMem=8192)

    Copy and paste it.

    When you are done with this, you can start the Rust. 

    In the Rust, have a lot of server. Solo to unlimited. If you are alone you'd better when search a solo server. On every server always have a WIPE (BP or FULL (Map)) (Blueprint, or map)

    If you want to get a fresh wiped server you can check a site, of a server wipes, you will found here. 
    Link: http://just-wiped.net/

    ou can filter every things, from groupnumber, to vanilla - modded, everything. (Watch the picture)

    When you are founded your server, just click on the server name, accept the opening steam client bootstrapper and you will found yourself on the server. 
    Your first thing is check the MAP with "G". (Default)

    You need to search between min: Gas Station/Bandit camp -> Sewer Branch -> Rocket Launch site. (This is a nice place) 
    When you founded to this 3 places a nice spot, go to that place and start woodCutting, rockPicking.

    Inventory: Tab 
    Crafting: Q
    Sprint: Shift 
    Crouch: LCTRL 
    PickUp Items: E 
    ToolBar: 1 2 3 4 5 6 
    Map: G 

    First time if you can't get stones, (enough to a house) you need to cut woods:
    1000 (Tool Cupboard) (You can storage your materials, and you can block others to build near your house.)

    300 (Building plan + Hammer) (With building plan hold right click and you can change platforms, walls, everything) (Hammer is can be used to upgrade your walls, platforms, everything)

    250 (Door + keylock) 

    3000 (Upgrade your house, first time it's need to be 1x2) + the rest is go in to the Tool Cupboard (TC)

    You always need to fill your cupboard with wood - stone - metal - High Quality metal, or your base is decaying.

    When you are done with your first base, craft a sleeping bag (30 cloth) and put in your house. (300 sec delay to respawn)
    Now you need just a bow, a hatchet, and go to search components. (On the roads)
    Barrels, yellow crates you will found, and every time you find scrap, collect it, it's very important stuff. 

    From scrap you can research blueprints. You just need a research table, lvl 1 / 2 / 3 workbench to research and craft that stuff what you studied.
    From Metal Hatchets, to Rocket Launcher, C4-s, AK-s you need to learn every blueprint. 

    Research interface:
    Workbench "outfits":
     LVL1 - LVL2 - LVL3

    Learn prices: 
    Common stuffs: 20 scrap (Wooden stuffs) (Not bow or stone stuffs!)
    Uncommon stuffs: 75 scrap (Hatchets)
    Rare stuffs: 250 scrap (Semi auto rifle/pistol, syringe)
    Epic stuffs: 750 scrap (AK, C4, Explosives)

    When you are following these "steps" you will learn more from the game and you will know more, and will be better player. 
    So goodluck guys, thanks for the reading, please rate it!
    Be smarts, bye! :)

    Rate this article How to start the Rust Game tips.

    (4.6/5) 10 rates


    nice article🙃👏🏼

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    12 august 2018 09:51

    When you are done with this, you can start the Rust.

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    22 august 2018 19:24

    Nicely done.

    12 august 2018 17:04

    nice kho shaba bezaf qent nel3abha qi kent esgir nice

    25 march 2019 12:19

    shaba bezaf nice

    20 march 2019 14:35