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    CatHammer, 12 august 2018 21:31

    7 Tips for CSGO to improve your gameplay

    First of all, i want to confess, that im NOT an experienced CSGO player. I have fallen for these mistakes often, and i still do. Everything i say here is tips that i have gotten from other players while playing. Some of these tips might improve your gameplay ALOT, so read carefully.
    These tips were all learned from my teammates im competitive matchmaking. 

    1. Do not reload often.

    Only reload when you are safe. This is a mistake that many new players do, and maybe some of you do it too. Reloading often is a good thing, except in the middle of a firefight. Do not reload when the enemy is near you, because that gives them a chance to rush and kill you easily. 
    It is a common mistake. I personally only reload at 5-15 bullets, unless i know that the enemy is not near me.

    2. Don´t pretend to know tactics you dont know.

    For example, dont spam ADAD just because you saw that on a professional match or Twitch for example. If you do not know WHY to do it, dont do it.
    This mistake is common for many people. I see this in almost every match i play. Even i do it, for no reason.

    3. Dont be afraid  to use your pistol.

    If you have an AWP, buy a pistol. For CT side i prefer Five-Seven, and for T side P250.
    Dont rush in a room with your AWP, unless you are a noscope/quickscope god.

    4. Do NOT throw the grenade, just.. dont... please...

    You are not going to kill anyone with that frag grenade. Just dont even try. Your primary/secondary weapon will take care of that enemy faster, and more safer. This is one of the mistakes, that has cost me SO MANY games. I would have won so many rounds for my teammates, if only i would have taken out my M4/AK, and not reach for that 4 key. They are only handy if you know that the enemy has a low amount of health, and he/she cant shoot you while you pull the pin. And dont waste flashes.

    5. Do NOT crouch walk around corners.

    This is not the way to do it. The enemy will see you before you can see him. If you want to peek a corner, do it fast, before the enemy has a chance to shoot you. This is a common mistake, especially in casual servers.

    6. Dont use shift, when the enemy knows that you are around the corner.

    And finally, dont walk in the sight of the enemies. I do this alot, and i almost always die. The enemy is going to watch that corner, and the moment they see your body coming slowly, they will kill you before you even see them. If you need to get around that corner, do it fast, and you will have a better chance facing off the enemy.

    7. Use the radar.

    The radar includes all sorts of info, for example, where the bomb is, where your teammates are, and where the enemies are. Using the radar gives you
    a big advantage over someone who does not use it. Frequently check your radar for additional information about enemy players.

    Thank you for reading this article. I did not get pictures for this one, but if needed, i can add those. 

    Rate fairly.

    Yours truly, CatHammer.

    Rate this article 7 Tips for CSGO to improve your gameplay

    (3.58/5) 19 rates


    Good job,it helps me a lot

    22 june 2019 11:48

    nice one

    22 august 2018 00:52

    good job on making this

    10 october 2019 13:43

    WEll thats kinda useful

    27 october 2019 12:36


    3 september 2018 19:31

    sometimes, there is no need to add pictures

    17 april 2019 09:57

    Great actually and kinda interesting

    22 august 2018 14:17


    29 january 2020 11:49

    You are giving great information but tip number 6 is not great because when emenys know that u are around you just hold shift so they would no think that u are there but great info.

    6 january 2020 20:30

    alright alright

    16 july 2019 12:43