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    (4.18/5) 17 rates
    blank4, 25 september 2018 23:37

    Heavy Metal Machines : Game Overview

    This is an overview of the newly released game, just this September of 2018, on Steam called Heavy Metal Machines.

    What is this Heavy Metal Machine?
    We can really base just from the title of the game if it will suck or rock right? But this game is titled ‘Heavy Metal Machine’ it’s to hardcore so I guess it rocks. Anyway the game is MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) but not your typical MOBA game play. Players will be battling other players using their own customized cars; yup it is like the movie ‘Death Race’ and ‘Mad Max’. The game resembles to Rocket League, a car soccer game, because the game is also based and inspired that game. The game is also inspired in the famous 90’s arcade game Rock n’ Roll Racing, but different objectives. With a heavy metal background music that will surely pump your adrenaline or will destroy your eardrums, so I highly suggest not using headphones while playing or just lower the volume.

    What It Doesn’t Have that Every MOBA Possess?
    Because the game is not a typical MOBA some basic components in every MOBA is not included in the game, such as Tower, a defensive structure against enemies. No Lanes in the game, basically you can go anywhere and it’s the enemy’s problem on how they will defend you and same goes for your team. And the game doesn’t have minions, soldier, creep or whatever ever MOBA game call there foot soldiers, so team cooperation is really a must for you can’t rely on any other allies besides them.

    What are the Abilities of the Cars?
    The Car used in this game is like in the ‘Mad Max’ or ‘Death Race’, meaning the car used in the match can use specific firepower from machine gun, laser, rockets, and a lot more. Different car possess different special characteristics some cars are faster, others are a lot durable, and other car is more loaded with fire power. Faster cars can be easily destroyed, durable cars are a lot slower, and cars with a lot of fire power have a decent speed and durability.

    What’s The Match Objective?
    The match is decided once a team delivers the bomb to the enemy base. So the main objective of the game is to overcome opponents blocking your way same goes for hazard areas or obstacle courses. Destroying the an enemy car must be the teams main priority the more enemy car you destroy the better, obstacle course doesn’t possess much treat compared to the enemy fire power. Applying different roles on your team is highly recommended as one of your objectives, like the one holding your bomb could be the fastest car on your team while other cars assist you to deliver the bomb.

    My Review
    The game is not that great for me it’s too fast for me, and the car is hard to control. The concept of the game is good but not that unique, but the theme of the game is awesome. I love the heavy metal themed racing it will really pump you blood fast. I would highly recommend this to some hardcore gamers that can master any game instantly I’m sure they will like this game, and unfortunately for players that are not good at games I don’t recommend this game but they can try. Guess that’s all hope you enjoy the review see you next article.

    Rate this article Heavy Metal Machines : Game Overview

    (4.18/5) 17 rates

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    Heavy Metal Machines

    Remember that you need to enter the game through the Steam!Are you up to a fierce competition, destruction, speed and action? All of these are available now in the post apocalyptic world of Heavy Metal Machines!The classic gameplay mode consists of several rounds in which you have to deliver the bomb to the enemy's base in ...


    i would play this game !

    11 november 2019 16:18

    bomb! cool

    12 march 2019 16:23

    This game is not available on my country..

    5 may 2019 13:18