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    eagleeye, 8 december 2017 17:05

    Hearthstone-Improve your way to Legend

    This article is ment to be a helper in your way to achieve Legend rank in Hearthstone. 

    Here are some personal tips :

    Don't be impatient. Reaching legend isn't an easy road, you need to struggle in order to achieve it.

    Try different decks from rank 25 to rank 5 until you find one that fits your style.

    Watch streamers. This helps everyone. See how they play and try to understand why they did that move instead of what you wanted to do.

    Learn from your mistakes. I recommand you to install a game recorder program and watch your game after you win or lose. You can pause every turn to see if you made the right choice or not so you will avoid it in next game.

    Do trades efficiently. Sometimes being greedy is a wrong move. You often wanna control the board to apply presure on the enemy.

    Play around aoe spells. For exemple if you're against a mage in your turn 5, down play every single minion, he might have a blizzard next turn.

    Set-up lethal. You should always think ahead with 2-3 turn, so you might prefer to hit face with your minions if your hand has some spells that deals damage or charge minions, it will threaten lethal the next turn.

    When you're in a lose streak, take a break. Playing more will make you more angry and you won't be able to focus to the game.

    Switch deck. Sometimes switching decks is a wise choice. Playing only one deck might be effective at first, but at some point you'll be bored of it, so switching to another one(as good as that one) brings more freshness to your plays.

    Squelch the enemy. I know this doesn't improve your gameplay, but trust me,you should do it. You will face opponents that will spam emotes often and that is annoying as hell. It will make you lose concentration and at some point you will start to emote the enemy aswell. 

    Rate this article Hearthstone-Improve your way to Legend

    (5/5) 1 rating


    this is a useful article but where is the picture ?

    12 december 2019 16:59

    why there isn't anyone comment on this post ?

    12 december 2019 16:58

    yeas i'm legend

    2 february 2020 16:09