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    Yahliz, 8 december 2017 18:12

    Everything about Tanki Online

    In this article I'm going to introduce you my childhood game, which is a popular game even nowdays - Tanki Online!
    I hope this article will give you the basic information you need do know about this A-mazing game.

    Plot Information
    Tanki online is a 3D action multiplayer game. 
    It is a browser game but can also be downloaded , and the best thing, it's totaly free!
    The game was released in 2009, almost a decade ago - but don't worry, it is getting updated all the times!
    So, to play this game you need to register and then log in.
    Now let the adventure begins!  If you want to skip the thechnical expelnations (which I dont recommend!) and look for my opinion about this game, scroll down to the end of the article.


    After you register, log in and pass the gaming tutorial, you will be able to see your rank. Assuming it's your first time playing, the rank is going to be the recruit rank.
    In order to level up you need to play games and complete missions - those will give you exp.
    Why would you even want to rank up? thats because each time you rank up, more items in the shop are available for you, and you also get a prize of crystals - which is the currency of the game.

    Battles Page

    The battles page is the main page of the game. in this page you can select the type of gameplay you want and choose a game you want to enter. in this page their is also the game chat, which is the best way to communicate with the rest of the tankers that are online. any question you have, or if you are just in a chatty mode, feel free to chat their and talk with other many players. it's also a good way to make new friends!


    There are 4 types of battles you can play on Tanki Online:

    Quick battle- 
    A battle of 2 teams, red team and blue team. the mode of this kind of battle is chosen randomly.

    Team deathmatch- 
    A battle of 2 teams, red team and blue team. The team who makes the most kills wins.

    Every tanker for himself. The player who makes the most kills wins.

    Control points- 
    A battle of 2 teams, red team and blue team. Capture enemy's points and prevent them from capturing them back. The team with the most points wins.

    Capture the flag- Attack the enemy base, capture their flag which is positioned there and bring it back to your base. you also need to protect your flag from getting captured. The team with the most captured wins. again, red team and blue team.

    Battle list- The section  where you can create a game with your own "roles" and join other people's costum games.


    The garage is the place where you spend your crystals. you can buy new items or just improve those you already own.
    Each item in the game is uniqe, has upsides and downsides. also, everything is balanced and no thing is like the other. each items you buy is a whole new experiance.
    The higher your rank is, the more stuff you can buy.
    You can buy:

    Turrets- the higher part of the tank, your wepaon, in the turrents section you can buy new turrents and also improve the onces you already own.

    Hulls- the lower part of the tank, the wheels. in the hulls sections you also can buy new turrents and also improve the onces you already own.

    Protection- a tank improvment. each one gives you an amount of protection from different attacking powers. 

    Paints- The cosmetics of the game, paints your whole tank in the paint your desire and makes you more uniqe!

    Supplies- an in game temporary "super-power" you can use. those you can also found in the game for free (boxes of those drop on the floor) but it's always good to have some for sticky situations.
    the supplies incloudes damage boosts, speed boosts and health boosts.

    Kits- Kits are like "todays deal". you can  find their pack of belnded items that build up a set. for example, tank pack incloudes a turrent, a hull, a protaction and a paint. the thing about those packs is, that they are much cheaper then getting each of the items this pack inclouding seperatly. so if you like the pack, its a good deal!

    Specials- In this section you can buy passing temporary ticket which opens new, better games for you and gifts for other players and badges.


    In the shop you can buy crystals, uniqe tank paints and tank kits with real money, but dont worry because none of the stuff their makes this game "P2P". the tanks their aren't any different from the tanks in the garage - but if you have the money to spend, many doors can be opened very fast.


    You can find you daily missions in the battles page, and click the little star icon to take a look at them. you get 3 daily missions which can reward you with varied supplies. The missions aren't so hard and a very good way to get supplies for free. if you complete at least one mission each day, in the seventh day you get an additional bonus you your missions.

    A clan you can join, or create yourself. The clan is basically a group of tankers, that grow together. the clan rewards you with special clan bonuses and as your clan grows stronger - you'll get more and better rewards.

    My opinion

    I've been playing this game since i was in 4th grade, and i must say, this might be the game i spent most of my time at. the quallity gameplay, the amazing community and the awsome updates that don't stop comming out and making the game better each day makes it irresistable. I'm not saying its the best game of all times, and I myself playing it less then I used to, but for a browesr game - this is one of the best, granted me with hours of fun. I recommend you this game, worth giving it a try! Now go on and have some fun!

    Rate this article Everything about Tanki Online

    (5/5) 8 rates


    tanki online isthe best game!!

    14 may 2020 09:30

    tnx very much

    20 june 2019 14:06

    you help me a lot xd

    20 june 2019 14:05

    good game

    2 february 2020 16:08

    my col ancaunt how to buy my 😎ancckaunt

    1 april 2020 17:36

    Надеюсь что геймлей станет лучше тогда будет 10/10 а пока так

    20 june 2019 12:44


    13 july 2019 16:28

    Tanki online моя самая первая игра ставлю ей 9/10

    20 june 2019 12:43