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    (4.38/5) 16 rates
    Noutbraz, 23 december 2018 21:49

    Green Hell - review.


    Green Hell is a simulator of survival in an open world, the events of which unfold in an uncharted corner of the Amazon jungle. Players find themselves in the jungle alone, without equipment and food, and now they are trying to get out to the people alive and intact. To do this, you need to hunt, make tools for protection and hunting, as well as fight with your own slowly fading mind. Players will have to survive in quite difficult conditions, a huge number of predators live around you, and all diseases are not uncommon. To count in this corner will have only on their own dexterity and intelligence. True, even the latter can play a bad joke with you. The player has only one walkie-talkie and will have to go, focusing on the voice that leads you. From the usual games about survival Green Hell is distinguished by a psychological component, in addition, the developers have tried to recreate the natural behavior of animals in their habitat, dynamic weather and much more.

    About the gameplay of the game.

    A huge island that has a bunch of enemies and animals. In addition, you will need to create things. This is interesting and there are few resources on the island. You have to literally fight for each part to create an item. Wolves, dangerous animals can wait at every corner. The crafting system is understandable, and it's good that at the beginning everything is taught. You can also make a base in which you can add various resources, wait out the night and try there to protect yourself from animals. The main feature of the game is a downpour that even puts out a bonfire and this is cool, where you have seen it in survivors, you immediately feel some realism and it makes you feel good about such a game. But immediately another minus comes, to build a shed, which will cover our fire from this shower, there is no possibility. But then I got used to it and thought - this is an early access and everything is still ahead of the game. And, of course, the key feature, which is very pleased - the variety of trace elements nutrition. You will surely not die of hunger and thirst.

    Details about the plot.

    The main task is to go through the storyline. The game begins with learning, in which we are shown the beginning of the storyline basic knowledge of survival. After completing the training, we proceed to survival (of course with an empty inventory).
    Immediately it is worth starting to prepare for the first night. First of all, you need to understand where you are (on the watch, which we were taught to use during training, there is not only information about your diet, but also a compass, in the center of which the coordinates of your location are written). We determine our location and choose a convenient place for the base: first choose a safe cave, in which there is enough space and there are no spiders and scorpions.

    It is very important to remain calm, listen to the sounds and walk in steps, you can only run to an open and safe area. We must not forget that the dangers in the rainforest lurked everywhere and one should not lose vigilance, having encountered a dangerous animal somewhere, it is worth remembering the place, because the danger will appear again somewhere nearby somewhere. It is necessary to beware leeches and worms. If in the lower left corner of the screen there is a magnifying glass icon, then it is worth examining your body for wounds and parasites. To get rid of leeches is not difficult, but to extract the worm will need a bone needle, extracted from the bones of animals or fish bone. Worms crawl under the skin of the character during sleep, especially in inappropriate conditions. Removing the worm hurts, reduces sanity and leaves an open wound that needs to be tied up immediately, but the worm must be removed.

    In general, the game has a lot of things that can kill us - thirst, hunger, predators, aborigines, etc. Moreover, there are even rains and droughts here! Be prepared for the fact that it may not be raining for a very long time, or it may rain all the time, not allowing the fire to start and prepare dinner for yourself. If we sleep on the ground, eat raw meat, and so on, our mind will falter and we will begin to see and hear hallucinations, the natives will attack us and cause real injuries. A distinctive feature of hallucinations is that if it attacks, it disappears, but it is better to take care of your character’s mind and not bring it to such a state, cannibalism hits the mind very strongly in this game, so you should not eat a defeated enemy. To maintain and restore sanity in the game, you need to sleep in a comfortable environment, eat well (foods cooked on a campfire give energy and help restore sanity), get rid of leeches, worms and wounds in time, have more time to be at the fire.

    At first you need to collect everything that occurs, because everything can be used. By the way, our bag is quite spacious. Pay special attention to plants (malineria, tobacco, etc.). They are useful not only to create therapeutic dressings, they can also be used to extract the fibers used to kindle a fire. In the jungle is dangerous, so you should immediately create a simple weapon. It is most convenient for me with a spear, so having found a stone and a stick, I first of all create an ax, then I chop some small tree and make simple spears from long sticks. In general, it is worth going to the survey area at dawn and finish with the journey as soon as it begins to get dark. Do not walk at night through the jungle!

    By the way, the level of ownership of various types of weapons (as well as craft, construction) increases in the process. Crafting in the game is quite diverse, but probably will be updated with new recipes. As soon as we get to the chosen place for the base, we start to make a fire: we collect a campfire from short sticks and sticks, we take the kindler (the easiest way is to make it from a stick and a small stick), we put dry foliage on it and bird nests), we mine coal and kindle a fire. Bonfire will help not only to warm up and cook dinner, but also allow you to maintain the mental state of the character in the norm. It is important to remember that a tired character will not be able to get an ember for a campfire!


    I was hooked by this game by the fact that it’s all about survival. Now this topic is popular. In general, I like these games because we can assume that we can build our own shelter in order to hide from all Aboriginal people. In this game there are also savages who will want to kill you. From the pros that I liked it here is an open world, and it is huge. There is also no storyline in which your goal will be not strange to survive. Of the benefits as realism in which you can cause lying anything! In general, the game is quite interesting, if you, like me, are looking for a good survivalist, where you can play around and fend for yourself with the aborigines, then this game is right for you. I’ll probably put this game out of 4 out of 5, but this is for now, because the game is in early access, and for sure it will have a bright future and mine 5. Thank you all and play good games!

    Rate this article Green Hell - review.

    (4.38/5) 16 rates


    Overall good work.

    24 december 2018 07:49

    i like it

    25 december 2018 17:34

    The main task is to go through the storyline

    8 april 2019 18:39

    very good job!

    24 december 2018 00:48

    Looks like a decent game, might try it out

    25 december 2018 11:46

    very good

    25 december 2018 11:44

    It's fine.

    24 december 2018 11:27

    Amazing game

    25 december 2018 11:28

    I will pass for this game

    27 june 2020 10:23

    Thanks, i was thinking about buying it

    27 december 2018 10:06