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    Awesome_Roro2, 13 june 2018 18:20

    GoodGame Empire: Beginners guide

    GoodGame Empire is an online multiplayer game where you can team up with your friends to climb up the ranks and attack bases

    Getting started

    To get started in GoodGame Empire I suggest you join an alliance. Make sure this alliance has a least a few level 70s in the alliance. The reason for this is as your new and these people will support you and give you tips. From there you should start doing the achievements on the right to level up and get an idea of the game.


    In the first kingdom you will find and be able to get 3 resources. These are food, wood and stone. Food is used to make sure your troops can stay alive and you will find in the game that you run out of food very quickly. You can get more resources by capturing outposts. Stone and wood are used to build buildings and expand castle walls. These are essential for missions. There is also gold that you may count as a resource. This is used to recruit and make items such as flame arrows. You can get more of these resources by building more stone quarries, woodcutters and farmhouses or by just simply upgrading them.


    Outposts are unlocked when you get the estate unlocked at level 13. Outposts are second bases which can produce more materials. Each outpost has a certain amount of each resource you can see how much by hovering over the outpost on the map. I suggest the first outpost you get is a food outpost. This is because your run out of food very quickly. This outpost will allow you to transport food from your outpost to your main castle. You can get your first outpost at level 13, your second at level 19 and your third at level 31. Note that to get your next outpost you will need to upgrade your estate first.


    The encampment is where you keep your castellans and commanders and you can gear them up there. Castellans are the people who take care of your outposts and your main castle. These are used when an attack happens on the base. Commanders are what lead attacks. These are used to attack bases and you have a choice of three commanders near the start of the game. The gear that can be put on these can be gained by attacking robber barons, spinning the wheel of fortune or making them using the alliance smithy or your own smithy.


    Defence is key in this game as otherwise anyone could easily attack you and take a lot of your resources. One way to gain more defence is by making tools in the defence workshop or recruiting defence troops in the barracks. To get better things at these places you can upgrade them.


    Attacking is key for gaining resources and for completing missions. You need to place your troops in a strategic formation. To get knowledge of what troops the opponent has on defence, you can send an espionage before putting an attack on them. You can make attacking better by recruiting attacking troops from the barracks or getting tools from the siege workshop.


    Alliances are groups of people who have teamed up to get better at the game. Anyone can join an alliance and it is good to be in one that has a few level 70s. It is good to be in these alliances as if someone attacks you and your offline someone who is online on your alliance can support your base before the attacks come making it a higher chance for you to defend the attack. Alliances can be form pacts with other alliances and declare war on other alliances.


    There are 5 kingdoms in the whole game – the great empire (the normal one), the Everwinter Glacier, the storm islands, the burning sands and finally fire peaks. Everwinter Glacier is unlocked at level 25 and is the easiest kingdom to get (excluding the great empire). This one is winter-themed, and you can get charcoal in this kingdom. The next one unlocked is Storm Islands at level 35. This one is water-themed   and unlocks the resource Aquamarine. The 4th kingdom is Burning Sands and it unlocks at level 40. This one is desert-themed. The last one is Fire Peaks and unlocks at level 50. This one is lava-themed and unlocks the resource glass.

    I hope you enjoyed this beginners guide to GoodGame empire and I hope you the best of luck trying to advance in the game.

    Rate this article GoodGame Empire: Beginners guide

    (4.22/5) 9 rates

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    I hate the game but nice article. Would've been better with pictures

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    Cool game

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    Why is this game everywhere? I dont like it but nice article

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    Nice one/.

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    Not bad, but Astonishing graphics! I have no Time to earn XP but it's Elsewhere to Earn. Awesome! I Loved it, so the Level grows up much Easier with XP!! 10/10 IGN

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