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    (4.58/5) 24 rates
    kamiash, 8 january 2019 19:01

    God of War 4 Review

    Killing the gods of the Greek pantheon is not a small task, even when you are an angry Spartan general who has nothing to lose. Kratos's final point of revenge was set to kill Zeus. The world of Greece was submerged in chaos, and the fate of Kratos was unclear. There is not much to do when all the gods of mythology are dead, right? In front of the studio, was the task of transforming the foundations of the game. Santa Monica undoubtedly did brilliantly with the task.

    God of War has always been a revenge story whose trademark is the violence and the sense of power that the main character attributes. Nothing makes you feel stronger than killing gods. The new game in Sony's exclusive series keeps this feeling, but in a whole new and fresh way. Through incredible graphics and colorful scenery, Scandinavian mythology comes to life in an unprecedented way. Kratos is no longer just a whipping machine, but a hero with a character and a past. Once he gets his revenge, Kratos retires to the frozen Scandinavian lands to seek solitude, and perhaps a new beginning. Everyones favorite Spartan is now the father of the young and still inexperienced Atreus, and the only support after his mother's death. This time the hero's drama is provided to players in a much more sensual way. The question is how much of a violent past is good for Kratos to reveal where the boundary is between the God Who killed all the gods and the father who taught his son how to survive in a harsh world without giving up on violence. I can not believe how strongly this feeling of an inner struggle has been conveyed in the once unbearable and unstoppable Kratos. The main mission of the game is simple to follow at first glance, but the end result is undoubtedly a masterpiece. The favorite of all the Spartan must help his young son to fulfill the last wish of the deceased mother, namely the scattering of her powder from the highest peak that the eyes can see. The journey to the top of the mountain will be long and full of dangers, not only the monsters of Scandidavian mythology but also the gods? The calm start creates the feeling that Kratos has left his wild face in the past.Not long after, he is again forced to call his brutality and Spartan anger to help him defend the only thing he has - his little son. A mysterious stranger, with apparent divine powers, breaks the established peace. The game does not waste time and skillfully immerses the player in the sense of antiquity and mythology in which main faces are legendary gods like Odin and his sons - Thor, Baldur; the sorcerer Freya and Mimir - renowned in Scandinavian mythology with their wisdom and knowledge.


    An incredible transformation of the God of War franchise that adds new layers of depth to gameplay and storyline without sacrificing epic moments.

    Graphics and sound

    Kratos seems more alive than ever! The rich, detailed graphics livens God of War's world and characters like never before, demonstrating what PS4 and PS4 Pro are capable of. The more intimate camera enhances the feeling of big and small moments. Never have the bright and colorful colors transmitted with HDR given so much realism. The dynamic shift of lights and shadows has never looked so spectacular and detailed. I was amazed how alive and realistic not only the main characters, but all the enemies and the environment around them, look. From the frozen dense forests and mountain peaks, to the dark catacombs and caves, the contrast does not stop to breathe realism. Kratos's deep and husky voice inevitably creates the feeling of mythology, backed by Atreus's childish and high-pitched voice. From the sound of the boomerang throw of the ice axe, to the rotating attacks of the Blades of Chaos; from the epic battles filled with the ripping roar of giant monsters, to the quiet sounds of nature, the soundtrack and the sound of God of War are put into effect incredibly and preserve the high level of the game.


    God of War has always been known for the explosive and brutal battles, the elements of rage and dynamic scenes, finishers and adrenaline. The tree of the capabilities of the various weapons of Kratos and Atreus constantly maintains gameplay diversity; The hero's costumes and the upgrade system makes the player explore every hidden place on the map to achieve better statistics. The mythology-soaked world incites exploration in every corner, and returning to previously inaccessible places has never been more fun. The new addition to the series is perhaps Kratos's longest adventure so far, with at least 30 hours of gameplay. RPG elements of customization and development are a well-received change that makes a masterpiece even more unsurpassed. Different levels of difficulty and hidden side missions make replaying an unrelenting desire.

    The journey is long, fierce and ruthless, and filled with breathtaking moments - both beautiful and harsh. PS4 has something to be proud of, fans - something to be excited about. God of War is better than ever!

    Rate this article God of War 4 Review

    (4.58/5) 24 rates


    I se gameplay with this game

    27 july 2019 20:53

    Good review text is long but no pictures you can do better and god of war is a very good game shame its only on ps4 not on pc too

    3 may 2020 10:34

    Bazı paragraf başlığını yapabilirseniz, o zaman gerçekten mükemmel olacak.

    12 may 2019 14:11

    Promising great story line

    6 april 2019 11:31

    It is one of the best god of war, many details of its old installments have been changed and improved to such an extent that its gameplay changed completely to further improve the experience of the players.

    22 march 2020 15:06

    oyunun hikayesi gerçekten çok iyi hele oyun müthiş tek kelime ile HARİKA

    17 january 2019 13:05

    shame !! its only available on ps

    19 april 2020 19:36

    This game is one of my favorites i really enjoyed playing god of war game series.

    10 april 2020 03:13

    god of war is my best game ever this deserved the game of the year

    25 october 2019 12:54


    5 march 2020 01:32