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    (4.53/5) 32 rates
    Merisor, 27 may 2018 19:08

    Goat Simulator and DLCS

    Goat simulator is a third person game in which you control a goat. The game was made by Coffee Stain Studios and was released on 1 April 2014.

    The game starts with you beeing a simple goat , you are free to explore the whole map and destroy everything . You can jump, run , bash into objects , and lick objects and peoples. By lick i mean use your long tongue to drag them with you . The game is based on a points system , more points more better you will fell. In the game there are a ton of other games references like: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , Breaking Bad , Minecraft, I am bread , a satanic ritual , and many more.

    The game doesn't have a story and was started as a joke but turned out to be a funny game that you can enjoy. In this game you can even use a skateboard , a bicycle and a boat. Is the type of game where visual bugs don't make the game weak but it make him even stronger beacuse that's what is this all about , you having fun. You can change the goat on the menu or on the world.
    Now let's talk a little about the 3DLC's available on market  and 1 for free. I will start with Goat Simulator: MMO Simulator .

    This DLC is free and adds to the game a new map , a level system. At the start you get to pick from 6 clasess:
    The Tank- the goat get's a iron spicked armor and a sets of skills similar with Hulk.
    The Rogue-not to mutch clothing and get's 2 abilities: Stealth and Stunlock.
    The Hunter- this class looks  like a fisherman and his abilities are :
    1.Fish (Noun): Makes a random  fish in front of the goat.
    2Fish (Verb): Your fishing pole grabs a nearby object and holds it in the air.
    The Magician-Makes your goat look like a magician and gives you 2 abilities:
    1.Card Trick: The goat shoots out a flurry of playing cards.
    2Fire Bawl: Shoots fire ball.
    The Microwave: Is a Microwave with legs , his abilities are:
    1.Pizza:  Shoots a pizza.
    2.Explosion: You explode , making your body fly far away.
    And the last and most powerfull class No Class which grant you nothing , have fun!
    In this DLC you don't get points anymore , instead you get xp for your level , you can make xp by completing quests or killing monsters. The are references to other games to like : World of Warcraft, Diablo, Skyrim, and Zelda.

                                                                                                                                  The second DLC is Goat Simulator: GoatZ(5$)
    This is a survival game in which you have to craft items, kill and eat zombies for your survival , adds a new map and new buldings to the game like : a mall, funeral home, drug stand, president vote and many more.

                                                                                                                                The 3rd DLC is Goat Simulator: PAYDAY(5$)
    This DLC adds a new map inspierd by Payday 2 , is this DLC you can steal from peoples , you can gamble , and buy things like : masks , maks and some masks , yeah there are only masks.  You can be a a camel, or even a dolphin in a wheelchair,there is not limit you can be evreything ( except the only 4 animals you can pick)
    Don Pastrami ( Vin Dissel + Pizza)
    Valentino Salami (he can control dudes)
    Dolph Spaghetti (can walk on walls)
    And in this DLC you can even drive cars.

    PS: Payday 2 did the same thing but in their style.

                                                                                                              And the last DLC is Goat Simulator: Waste of Space(5$)
    Was released in May 26, 2016 and makes fun of most popular Sci-fi games , movies and tv shows: Mass Effect , Star Wars , Doctor Who.
    In this DLC you can drive a space ship , you can destory Earth , you can upgrade your Colony and this whole acction takes place on the Moon.

    This is most of the thing about the game , in my opinion this game is very cool and has $12 million in revenue with over 2.5 million copies sold.


    Rate this article Goat Simulator and DLCS

    (4.53/5) 32 rates


    Can't wait to get that game !!! Its an great game also nice publish

    13 july 2018 16:40

    good i already play this game

    7 june 2018 11:14

    Good well

    7 june 2018 10:52

    Soo funny

    7 june 2018 09:24

    i love goat simulator. when i am sad i always play this game to laught

    26 july 2018 01:04

    I haved Goat Simulator without DLC'S.. I played it a few hours and my laptop was very heated.

    16 july 2018 10:21

    what kind of game is this??????????????????????????????????????????????

    25 november 2019 14:44

    nice game :D

    20 march 2019 20:38

    Reminded me of the movie "The men who stared at goats"... Best way to make a parody of pretty much everything, add goats!

    6 june 2018 01:38

    Can't wait to get that game !!! Its an great game also nice publish

    5 june 2018 19:12