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    Misty, 19 february 2020 12:21

    GlassSmash - review

    GlassSmash is an unique, independent puzzle game created by Anvate Games studio and published on April 16, 2019. Although, it did not echo widely, it is a very interesting position, which is worth getting acquainted with and trying your hand. It is primarily a game created in a very minimalist style, so you don't have to focus on the colorful background or the amazing characters. Only a hammer gets to be used, with which you should break all bottles and objects made of clear glass, avoiding breaking those that were made in red. The rules of the game are extremely simple: using the left and right arrows you can set the direction of the rotation of the hammer and increase the speed - depending on what is needed to properly break the bottles. Clicking on spaces will throw the hammer and bounce it off all nearby obstacles or break bottles which are in its path.

    The GlassSmash graphics are not revealing, but they were not meant to delight all players. The colors are muffled, thanks to which the game acquires the perfect mood to focus on the movements performed. It is also very transparent, making it easy to find yourself in it and start your adventure. The navigation through the menu is not a problem, and the interesting graphics of the main page immediately catch the eye. It is also worth paying attention to the sound. There is no music in the background, so you can fully concentrate on the task and hear the clear and very realistic sound of broken glass. Thanks to the silence interrupted by the sound of falling bottles, the game can create an atmosphere perfect for afternoon relaxation. This may not be for people who like action and unexpected turns of events, but it is undoubtedly worth giving it a try. The first levels seem extremely simple - all you need to do is point the hammer at the right bottle. However, you can quickly find out that it will not always be that easy.