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    (4.28/5) 18 rates
    mixtape_maker, 3 february 2019 16:01

    Glacier 3 - Nominee for Worst Racing Game

    Glacier 3: The Meltdown is a game that was originally made for the Wii, and was released on Steam for PC in 2010. I'm not going to lie, while the Wii version was pretty bad in intself, the PC version is... something else. It has received some of the worst backlash a game on Steam ever has, and is still
    up to be bought for 2.39€, however, most people received it for free from giveaways, yet even they said it's "One of, if not the worst racing game" they have ever played. But what went so wrong with Team 6 Studio's racing and combat game?

    Glacier 3: The Meltdown is a game in which you race around various scenery and tracks, exploding everything around you and pushing your foes off cliffs. And while the core idea of the game wasn't bad, the same couldn't be said for it's execution, not to mention that a tutorial or customization are nowhere to be seen in this "game".
    The game was originally made for the Nintendo's seventh-gen console, the Nintendo Wii, and it clearly shows, because there are NO control settings to be changed, the controls are absolutely horrible and slow with the car feeling like a "motorized bar of soap". 
    The car is way too sensitive, and that ends up with you bumping something and suddenly starting to spin in 360's, because yes, the developers thought that was a good idea. When you do hit obstacles or walls placed by enemy racers, you just fly towards a random direction. The only way to avoid this  is to just drive right through them and hope for the best.

    While driving along the way, you collect weapons and ammunition to shoot your enemies, them being bots. However, the problem is that most of the time there is no one to shoot, because the AI seems to almost never make it to the finish line, because all they do is chase you and drive off cliffs. They are also way too aggressive, because as soon as the race starts, they start driving backwards instead of forwards just to smash into your car. They don't care about winning, they just care about making you mad.
    All in all, the bots seem to be more lost than you are. Moving on, the soundtrack isn't good either. There's nothing much to be said about it, it's just not that appealing or good sounding.

    Next up: the graphics. While they look alright on the Steam screenshot page, they are not. The game was released in 2010, the same year as, for example, GTA IV, which actually has good graphics. Compare the two games. Glacier 3 looks and plays like an Atari 2600 game, and even that isn't the worst thing. It constantly crashes. Constantly. Sometimes you can play for 10 minutes, sometimes not even 1. The resolution seems to be changing after every crash, maybe suggesting that the game is trying to come up with a solution, but simply isn't competent to do so.
    The campaign, oh boy, is another masterpiece. The "story mode" is simply you racing in poorly designed tracks that are often reused. There literally is no "story" in the Story mode. 

    Everything, from start to finish, about Glacier 3: The Meltdown is horrible. The gameplay is monotonic and tedious, the tracks are boring, and when you do unlock "new" ones, they are just re-hashes of the same ones you already played ten times. The graphics are outright bad, so is the soundtrack. The controls make me want to bash my keyboard, as if it was it's fault, and to top it all off, the game requires no skill, only speed boosts. The AI is broken, there is no tutorial or multi-player mode, and even if there was, nobody would play it.
    Nothing about it is good.

    Verdict: because of all the reasons stated above, I would dare to nominate this game for "Worst PC Vehicle Combat Game by a Proper Company" ever on Steam, if not in the whole world. Wouldn't recommend to play it even if THEY paid you, yet it costs 2.39€. You can "play" (if you want to become suicidal) Glacier 3 on the Wii U or Windows, but honestly - don't.

    Cardboard box level graphics - online!

    Rate this article Glacier 3 - Nominee for Worst Racing Game

    (4.28/5) 18 rates


    its like war with cars good :D

    9 september 2019 17:23

    graphic is horrible even for 2010 standard

    14 may 2020 19:02

    nice article

    26 may 2019 17:16


    5 february 2019 12:25

    I like this game it is nice

    23 may 2020 08:00

    old game club, bad graphic, bad logic, bad gameplay, not attrative even a little

    5 february 2019 18:27

    nice nice nice 👍👍👍

    30 july 2019 17:17

    How u got this boring **** accepted

    28 october 2019 07:36

    Nice Information.

    24 may 2019 15:37

    bence iyi gözüküyor

    18 may 2019 12:51