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    (4.15/5) 20 rates
    TheEndrator, 4 january 2019 18:36

    Gang Beast: A Game Review

    Hi! Here i will present you a super cool and hilarious game: Gang Beast


    Gang Beast is a multiplayer party video game (local or online) developed by Boneleaf Games and published by Double Fine Productions.
    It was released in August 2014 on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X Linux and Playstation 4. Not resisting the temptation to make more money and selling more product, he eventualy ends up on Xbox One. 

    The goal of the game is to fight against players (local) or some of the world! You can have fun like the sick because the movements of the characters, their attacks and others things will give you unlimited fun.

    All this grouped in 3 modes differ from each other.

    The game modes:

    -Football Mode:

    The goal of this mode is to play football, you have to score a total of 10 points and as we are on Gang Beast, all shots are allowed: you can assom your opponent, hit them, catch them ...
    The only rule: Score a goal

    -Waves Mode:

    The goal of this mode is to fight waves of ennemies ( not players ),This mode is infinite, it has no end, you can even reach the wave 1000 and more!
    The real goal is to train and have fun, because you can be at 4, there are also different bosses and enemies each time to not have repetitions and not to be bored.

    -Multiplayer Madness:

    Here is the main mode of the game, in this one you will have to fight your friends or people from all over the world!
    You will be able to change your skin to impress others, but training is the key: Training will improve your game and you will defeat some opponents who are tough.

    Maps and skins:

    How to talk about a game without the maps and skins that there are?
    Gang Beast leaves a wide choice to players with all their skin, there are really a lot.

    Example: Pirate, Cowboy, Chicken, Astronaut...

    The maps also have to talk about it because they are in which we play!
    There are really a lot of them, any difference between shemas and different animations: different things happen in each of them.


    Map train: We are on a train that is moving forward and we can send the others out of this one.

    Big Wheel: the wheel turns and you can enter the different places around, you can also jump on the platform.
    To win you must send all your opponents in the water.


    A graphics that allows you to play easily because there are certain games that are certainly good but the graphics discourages us to play!
    The controls are easy to use ( you still have to train to really play easely )
    He really have a lot of possitive opinions on steam.


    Gang Beast is an amazing game and I do not get tired of playing it! It's worth buying it on steam because it's great I give him a 9/10

    Sorry if it's too short but i have nothing other to say about this game

    Rate this article Gang Beast: A Game Review

    (4.15/5) 20 rates


    Гра для всіх друзів

    31 july 2019 10:17

    Good job

    17 march 2020 08:33

    cant see pictures :-(

    8 june 2020 19:05

    Fantastic article. Gang Beast sounds like a funny game. I even saw her on youtube.

    2 february 2020 18:43

    игра прикольная но не разу не играл

    5 september 2019 13:02

    lol this game is extremely funnn

    29 march 2019 12:43

    Amazing article!

    5 april 2019 19:30

    Good article

    20 march 2020 20:51

    very funny game you can't stop of Laughting😁😆

    13 october 2019 17:36

    ah yes this game, this game makes me laugh so much! I love this game

    10 may 2020 19:14