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    Tiredrabbit, 8 february 2019 17:02


    Here are some news about the Games. Enjoy it !!

    • New game Overcooked 2 on New Year's Eve

    A map, kitchens, chefs and new mechanics, all of which are traditional Chinese, are one of the things that adds a new update to Overcooked 2.

    Team 17 and the Ghost Town Games studio, the publisher and producer of Overcooked 2, released a new update for the new year, which adds the traditional atmosphere to the game.

    Like the previous version of the game that was released on Christmas day and brought new maps and styles to play, this update also offers new and appealing features for the players. A map and seven new kitchens are new releases of the update released for the game; maps and kitchens that all have traditional Chinese weather. Two new instructions are added to the player's list of instructions and you can now create new foods. One of these instructions is dedicated to a fruit tray and the other looks like a hot soup. A frying pan and two new chefs that have traditional Chinese icons are another special feature of the new game update.

    Along with the ones mentioned, a new state called Survival Mode is also added to the game with this update. What you need to do during that and until the end, when you have a variety of foods; with every food you make, it will add a few seconds to your time, which will help you to challenge the appetite. You can experience this in all game maps, from regular maps to maps added by extensions.

    The new update to Overcooked 2 is completely free and you can now download it on the Nintendo Swap, Xbox One, PS4 and PC

    • The Apex Legends reached 10 million players in 72H

    According to the latest game news, Reesphone studio has announced that the number of Apex Legends players has reached 10 million. The interesting point is that this record was registered by players only 72 hours after the official launch of Apex Legends. Vince Zappa, executive director of Reeseen, said:
    The Apex Legends has reached 10 million, thanks to the players, and has just announced that the Apex Legends
    Over the past few days, Apex Legends has released a number of different news releases, and the Free Battle Royale game has grown exponentially. Apex Legends has once again recorded a new record for its number.
    It was an incredible journey for us. We made various corrections and experiments. We argued and some measures were taken. We had a breakthrough that had a magical and incredible feeling. We knew that bringing this set to a free game and putting the game at a sudden was a huge risk, but we love the Apex Legends, and we ask you and we need to experience this game.

    • The second Devil May Cry 5 demo was released

    Now PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users can download the Devil May Cry 5 demo by going to their platform store.

    In December, an exclusive demo of Devil May Cry 5 was available to users of the Xbox One, which users could experience for one month. On the other hand, it was announced that the second demo of Doyle Crash 5 will be available on February 18th (February 7th), and this time the PlayStation 4 users will be able to experience this demo.

    According to the latest game news, Devil May Cry 5 was released last night for the Xbox One and PS4 users. Users can download the DMC 5 by visiting the PlayStation Store or the Xbox Demos Store. In terms of content, the released demos are the same demo that was previously available to Xbox users. The difference is that a new Doyle Bracket called Punch Line has been added to the game and users can use the Nico Store to promote the character of the force. However, users of PlayStation 4 are the first to face this stage and bass fake.

    The Devil May Cry 5 is a narrator of Dante's new adventure, and is witnessing the introduction of a new fictional character, Called  Woud (V). Woud uses magic to create different monsters. The DMC 5 will be available on March 8 for the listed platforms and PCs.

    Rate this article GAMING NEWS

    (4.58/5) 24 rates


    good artcile

    3 june 2019 18:40

    really nice article! written in a understandeble way! and whit good pictures! i like it.

    27 september 2019 07:08

    Apex changed the game change my mind ✌

    8 september 2019 12:56

    I personally think it would be better to place an introduction or perhaps a better introduction than "Here are some news about the Games. Enjoy it !!" in order to catch the interest of the viewers on what they should expect. Like, what kind of games they would see when they read the article.

    30 april 2019 16:42

    I play apex legends and fortnite

    17 march 2019 17:41

    I love Apex Legends bro

    16 april 2019 20:30

    there is no date realeses on most of them

    21 april 2019 11:39

    really nice article! written in a understandeble way! and whit good pictures! i like it.

    8 february 2019 19:52

    They should add apex legends! its a really fun game, I suggest you guys play it!

    18 february 2019 23:11

    Apex is one of my favourite games now

    21 march 2019 16:49