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    Tekhour, 8 february 2019 09:48

    My favorite hero in Vainglory game

    Before we go deep we should know some information about this game first. Vainglory is a MOBA game that was developed by Super Evil Megacorp. It was a popular MOBA game in 2016. Let start this article

    Info: Every MOBA game is a role-playing game. You can select which hero or skin of the hero you want. I will describe every ability they have. 

    I have 4 favorite heroes.  Every hero has different skills or ability. They are Ringo, Krul, Rona, and Saw.

    1. Ringo: Ringo is a gunslinger who shoots the enemy with critical strike and fire. I love this hero very much, he can shoot farther than any other hero in this game. His first ability (Achilles shot) can slow the enemy down. His enemy will be slow down within 1.5 seconds. His second ability (Twirling silver) give his movement and attack speed up. This ability also reset his basic attack. The last ability (Hellfire Brew), he will take a long swig from his gourd and spit out a scorching fireball at his target. The enemy will be burning with his fire for 7 seconds but this ability can be block by using refill block. Any hero that have lass heal will be burned to death with this ability. Every ability pictures are down below, I can't capture the first ability it happen too fast.

    2: Krul: The king of duo battle that can heal himself in battle. This hero is my 2nd favorite hero. If you use this hero correctly he will become to unstoppable hero with instant healing in battle. His first ability (Dead man's rush) can slow the enemy down and give him a shot duration barrier. This ability trigger basic attack effects. His second ability (Spectral Smite) He detonates his weakness on a single target and regains health based on stacks consumed. This ability will increase his life steal against his victim. The last ability (From Hell's heart), he pulls the sword from his chest to the target direction if the sword hit enemy hero it will deal damage and stuns than slow the target. If the sword doesn't hit anything it will boomerang back to him. This ability can avoid stun by using refill block. This hero's second ability happen too fast so I can't capture it. 

    3: RonaBerserker who excel in the fight with life steal, she use bloodrage instead of energy. Blood rage can earn from fighting with another hero or her victim. Her first ability (Into the fury), she leaps into battle make the ground ruptures and gains blood rage from the hero or her victim that she deals damage to. Her second ability (Foesplitter), This ability has 2 activations, the first activations she uses her axe to attack an enemy hero or her victim, deal basic damage to them. Second activations, she deals extra damage to her enemy and applies Mortal Wounds (deal damage to her victim more). The last ability (Red Mist), she drains her bloodrage and spins in a whirl wide deal weapon damage to all thing around her.

    4:  Saw: Heavy Machine gunner that can deal a lot of damage to the enemy. I love this guy, his MG can spin up to 12 ammo. If you are using this hero right, He will be strong and instant healing like Krul but slow is his weakness. His first ability( Roadie run), he switches between a gun and a combat knife. He will deal damage to the enemy depending on the enemy hero's health and he rolls backward. His second ability (Suppressing fire), He fires a hurricane of bullets to the direction, damage and slows all enemy along with its path for 2 seconds. His last ability (Mad cannon), he fires an explosive bullet, deals damage to the nearby enemy when it explodes.

    Last word: All hero in this game has some different ability. So do your best to play as every hero. The words in the box are the name of the ability of a hero. Thank for read my article.

    Rate this article My favorite hero in Vainglory game

    (4.56/5) 18 rates


    The best moba game for phones ( my Best hero :skaarf)

    26 may 2019 00:48

    That is pretty good.

    24 april 2019 17:06

    Spot on. This is great.

    23 march 2019 09:20

    my favourite hero is the mage

    28 april 2019 20:24

    Good work

    19 march 2019 12:22

    nice article

    4 may 2019 16:45

    Not bad article, keep going

    6 april 2019 18:16

    nice anime fan boy

    19 march 2019 11:55

    this game is the best in gamehag

    11 march 2019 10:51

    your favorite heroes :| hmmm the text is accepted, original work. I mean it is related to the gaming world. I hope moderators accept this.

    8 february 2019 11:34