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    t4tsumihyaku, 1 april 2020 15:37

    Gamehag: VIP Membership.

    On the 1st of April, 2020, 1:00 PM, Eastern European Time, Gamehag released another interesting feature - VIP membership
    This article contains information about the feature. Many people have waited for the release of this feature and that's the reason I wrote this article.

    Gamehag: VIP Membership.

    If you ask me, I feel very satisfied with the new feature on Gamehag. Personally, I tried the 7 days trial (because I had the opportunity to) and today I'll tell you if it's worth it to purchase a  VIP Membership.

    What happens when you purchase the 7 days trial?

    When you get a 7 days trial, the first thing you're gonna see is a crown-looking icon on your profile. It looks like this:


    When we check our inventory, we are gonna see that we've got a VIP chest, which of course, we can open!
    The rewards in the chest are really valuable. The chests contain only good and valuable items that you will be satisfied to use. I personally got an award that has a value of 10 USD!! But unfortunately, I'm on trial and if I want to receive it, I have to activate a full VIP membership.

    Let's talk about the new runes that were restocked on Gamehag.
    By purchasing the membership, we get access to different runes, which we can use. They look like this:

    -Experience potion
    This potion is exactly what you need if you want to level up quickly! By activating this rune, you will receive more experience when commenting, completing tasks, carrying a contract, etc.

    -Scroll of memory
    Do you want people to know more about yourself? This is the best rune for this purpose! How does it work? If you've already activated this rune, you'll be able to add a note to your profile which will be visible to every player that visits your profile on Gamehag.

    -Merlin's rune

    Are you sick of waiting for Misty's response for hours? Well, if you purchase this rune, Misty will solve your problems more quickly. In my opinion, this is one of the most useful runes on Gamehag, because if you are facing any technical problems, Misty is always gonna be there to help you out (of course, she is always there to help out every user, but after activating this rune, she responds quicker)

    -Eihwaz Rune
    Many people use AdBlock on Gamehag and this is one of the main reasons some users to not receive their soul gems when playing games, carrying a contract, etc., but when you activate this rune, the ads will completely stop popping up. Personally, I don't face any problem with the ads (because, as well, the site has to profit somehow), but some people hate the moment when the ads can't stop popping up, so if you hate the advertisements, I recommend you to purchase the VIP Membership :)

    Full VIP membership

    In the first month, the VIP Icon will look like this:


    You still get the same features I introduced to you above, but you get even more opportunities when you activate the Full VIP membership.

    When you're on trial, you can't get your award from the VIP chest. The awards have a high value, that's why.
    When you're on a trial, you get only 4 runes, but when you have a Full VIP membership, you get 3 more runes which are 10x better than the ones I stated above. I'll introduce to you these extra runes:

    -Delivery broom

    Sometimes when we receive a very nice award, we are very impatient until the reward is ready for dispatch... But when you activate this rune, you won't have to wait that long for your award.

    -Naudiz Rune
    This rune is the main reason I want Full Vip membership... Every person loves... Discounts! By activating this rune, you get a 10% discount for every item you want to purchase on Gamehag! Cool, right?

    -Saewelo Rune


    Every person wants to find people that have the same interests as them... The only method to find people with the same interests as ours is to check other groups, etc... but thanks to this rune, we can create our own group! That's amazing, in my opinion.

    I want to mention that all the runes expire 30 days after activating them ;)
    If you want to get those extra 3 runes, you have to activate your every month (without canceling the Full VIP membership).

    When you have a Full VIP membership, you get more 10% more soul gems after completing any tasks. I think that's amazing just amazing. By having VIP membership, you get extra chests each month! Every month you get extra runes and chests as I mentioned above. Also, your VIP rank gets higher and higher each month (as long as you don't cancel the membership).

    Is it worth it to purchase a Full VIP membership?

    Without any hesitation, YES!
    4 USD per month is really worth it, because, for this small amount of money, you receive stuff that has the value of 10,000+ soul gems each month (if you have been a VIP member for longer, probably 20,000+ soul gems)!

    You must be aware that you must be at least 18 to purchase this membership... but if you're under the age of 18, ask a parent if they can buy it for you (I personally did that). Before you purchase the membership, make sure you get a trial, so you can explore everything on your own. You can cancel your VIP membership at any time! Keep in mind that you will be charged with 4 USD every month until you cancel your subscription. The most important thing before the purchase is to read the terms of use. By reading the terms of use you will be aware of pretty much everything you have to know about the  
    VIP Membership.

    I highly recommend you to purchase this membership, trust me, you'll profit from this feature!

    Image source: Gamehag.


    Rate this article Gamehag: VIP Membership.

    (4.69/5) 395 rates


    club penguin had better membership rewards

    4 august 2020 05:16

    Good job with the article, who made this awsome article. Sorry but i didnt read ghe artivle but im about tondo ghat in a bit, who ever read the article please give me a short summary i just want ti kn

    28 april 2020 19:32

    Where is a pitcure of eihwaz rune.
    Do you forgot it? or...

    25 october 2020 14:36

    I want to have the trial but I don't have a credit card lol

    14 january 2022 03:05

    this article is amazing and helpful thanks alot

    27 may 2020 12:06

    im really disapointed by this they want from us to write 3 meseges and giving us 5 xp per it that mean sthey want from us we to spend everyday 10 minyts who is unworth kinda for this waht you spend

    8 april 2020 16:56

    Personally I think it's worth it

    12 june 2020 19:45

    I found your article nice and informative. It was nice to give you information about VIP Membership, maybe I can get VIP Membership thanks to you. Keep writing such articles. Take care of yourselves.

    15 april 2020 12:55

    Vip = free minecraft

    16 june 2020 06:49

    Vip = noice

    7 april 2020 22:11