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    dakuwanga, 17 october 2018 13:35

    Gamehag Theory: How to avoid rejections and technical issues

    There are reviews about Gamehag. There are tips and guides on how to make quick Soul Gems on Gamehag. But one thing nobody has ever bothered to write about is the number of technical issues that seem to plague many of the users of Gamehag, or how to avoid the issues in question. 

    Gamehag has become somewhat infamous, apparently due to a large amount of wrongful rejections and bans. People are complaining about those on the comment threads of almost every major game. So, I thought about the reasons surrounding the case, how to possibly avoid them, and read comments written by other gamers. Eventually, I came up with some ideas that might reduce the risk of these issues occurring. Note, however that these are only theories so I can't exactly guarantee anything.

    Issue 1: Multiple account ban 

    It would seem that the largest reason of people being banned from Gamehag is on the charge of them having multiple accounts. Understandably, this has angered a whole lot of gamers. There are a couple of things that should reduce the risk of this happening. 

    1. Sign up via Steam instead of creating additional Gamehag account 

    I'm pretty sure that a lot of folks (if not all) on Gamehag are also Steam-users. Since it's possible, I myself signed up on the website simply through Steam, without creating a specific Gamehag account. And should this article be read by any users-to-be, I recommend them doing the same. Why? Well, the ugly truth is that the website has its technical issues. Maybe some type of bug causes the program(s) maintaining the site to consider the Gamehag account and the linked Steam account as one user having two accounts, which naturally would lead to a ban. This method does come with the downside that Gamehag mobile app can't be signed in with Steam account (pretty stupid, if you ask me. We already have a mobile app of Steam, after all). Since already signed Steam account can't apparently be linked to a new Gamehag account, this denies the access to the Soul Gem earning methods that are unique to the mobile app. It should be only a minor sacrifice, though. 

    2. Never use VPN or attempt to create another account for the same IP-address. 

    These should be obvious, and they have already been pointed out in an earlier guide, but they should be brought up nevertheless. 

    Issue 2: Screenshots being rejected 

    Probably even more complained issue than multiple account ban, the reason for the taken screenshots being rejected is usually either because the image isn't clear enough or because the website claims someone else having already used the image in question. Here are the things I had in mind when taking my own screenshots. 

    1. Take fullscreen screenshots, if possible

    This should prove that the image is a legitimate screenshot, not just something someone might have cut and copied from someone else. 

    2. Focus on whatever the task asked 

    Obvious, but one might have to think how to highlight a certain element, particularly if it's something that's usually only a small spot on the screen, such as diamonds in 'League of Angels III', for instance. Zooming might probably also help on some occasions, though I hope it won't clash with taking fullscreen screenshots, as stated earlier. 

    3. Make sure your Gamehag (or Steam) profile name is as unique as possible 

    Why? So you can have the same name as your profile or character name in whichever game you're playing. Yeah, many probably find it irritating, but it's probably the closest to foolproof way you've got to prove that you are both the guy in the game and the same guy on Gamehag. Should prevent anyone from accusing you of copying anyone else's image. Some people have already mentioned this in comments on some games. 

    4. If your player character is or has to be visible in the picture, make sure he/she is the only player character in sight. 

    Again, just to make yourself more noticeable in the screenshot and to ensure none can blame you for copying.

    5. Ensure you don't already have an account in the game whose tasks you're attempting.

    This might be related to the multi account ban -issue. Some have pointed out that they were denied rewards even though they had new accounts via Gamehag. All because they apparently had older accounts in games in question as well. From what I gather, this could lead not only to Soul Gems being denied, but also being banned from the website itself. So you simply must have an entirely new account without traces from an older one. It sucks. It sucks a lot. But unfortunately, like Gamehag's FAQ explains, it's more or less justified. Think about it: someone with a long history of playing 'War Thunder' could reap all the rewards from the most profitable game on the site without practically doing anything. Don't know, if deleting older accounts helps, but that might not even be possible with some games. 

    With all these things in mind and acting accordingly, I completed all three tasks from 'League of Angels III'. I got all of the rewards shortly. Not a single rejection. 

    Final notes: 

    As I said earlier, all these are, at least for the time being, nothing more than theories, and I could be wrong. However, I hope these will help someone to avoid dealing with Gamehag's support, which according to fellow gamers is questionable at best and less than useless at worst. (On a side note, if someone has successful experience in dealing with the site's support and reads this article, I request him/her to write a detailed guide about doing so, for as a relative newcomer, I can offer no advice regarding the matter.)

    Should any of these prove to be of any use to anyone, do let me know, will you?

    I am shark god Dakuwanga. And I thank you for reading this article!

    Rate this article Gamehag Theory: How to avoid rejections and technical issues

    (4.22/5) 37 rates


    it helps a lot thx

    27 october 2018 22:03

    Good tips

    26 october 2018 13:25

    amazing thank you for the tip

    10 february 2021 07:31

    This article has it's points i'll give you credit for that ehe:)

    24 october 2018 18:44

    Nice job

    30 october 2018 10:35

    It helped me a lot, Must read it !!

    1 november 2018 20:55

    nice, this helped

    20 november 2020 08:59

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    14 december 2020 13:24

    amazing story

    1 november 2018 04:00

    Thanks for the tip

    1 november 2018 03:49