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    (4.48/5) 124 rates
    Purqke, 15 may 2017 20:38

    Gamehag - How to earn Soul Gems?

    Hi, I see, there is still any guide how to earn Soul Gems, so i decided to write one.

    1. Daily login

    Daily login is the most simple and succesful way to earn Soul Gems. For each login You get 5 Soul gems. If you login 7 days a week, you get an extra bonus of 20 Soul gems. It means you can get 55 points every week.

    2. Completing in game tasks

    It's also as simple as daily login. You just have to play game, do the task, take a nice screenshots with all information Misty needs and now You just have to wait one or two days until you get your points. The points vary for every game. For some games like World of Warships, World of Tanks and other you can even get over 1.000 Soul gems! Some of the games you have to download, some of them You can play through Your browser.

    3. Contracts

    There are also special tasks for special games which You can download on Your Android or iOS devices. It's also pretty simple.  Just download the app, do Your task and send a screenshot. Be aware, for some of the contrcts You have to pay real money.

    4. Mini games

    Do You remember this time when You were young and was playing some browser games for children? Now you hae a chance to play such games again. If You have a young brother or sister it's perfect to let them play theese games for some time. They'll have fun and You yur Soul Gems. Mind that for every game, tasks are different.

    5. Writing articles

    Are you good at writing? Or you just love to write about the newest IT ang games news? Gamehag forum is the best place to get a lot of points. For each article you can get up to 1.000 Points! If you can write some nice articles in a short time it's a prefect way to get extra points.

    6. Inviting friends

    For every invited friend, who enters from your reefferal link, and who'll get 1.000 SOul gems you get 200.

    7. Making videos

    Do you have a Youtube channel? Make a promotion video for Gamehag. If you get a big ammount of views, you can get a lot of Soul Gems from Gamehag for the film and from each person who creates an account from Your link. 

    I think, that are all oportunities, to get some points. If I missed one, please write it in the comments zone.

    Rate this article Gamehag - How to earn Soul Gems?

    (4.48/5) 124 rates


    earn some SR(soul gems)here and some XP

    12 november 2019 13:18

    This heled to know ho to get a lilttle bit more of Soul gems because I really needed it Im so poor I cant buy a google play card thank u so much for this information bb

    22 september 2019 10:35

    the most useful article

    13 october 2019 09:09

    nice brother

    5 october 2019 23:09

    Complete any task you want okay?

    26 september 2019 16:32

    you changed my life thx man

    16 october 2019 14:13

    very article top web sites gamehag.com number one you like playing video game and more chest box

    14 october 2019 18:39

    This heled to know ho to get a lilttle bit more of Soul gems because I really needed it Im so poor I cant buy a google play card thank u so much for this information bb

    11 august 2019 13:21

    This article does help but I'm still having trouble to earn Soul Gems cuz most of em aren't working...

    24 august 2019 15:18

    I suggested to watch ads every single day, that way at least 100 soul gems guaranteed, other than that, do quizzes in case if gamehag limited you of getting more soul gems through watching ads.

    8 april 2019 09:57