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    Rate this article "Game Recap: Duet (Arcade Game)"

    (3.29/5) 21 rates
    blank4, 27 september 2018 13:21

    Game Recap: Duet (Arcade Game)

    This article is a prat of my Game Recap series which features the past games that I played. In this i’m doing the review and overview of the popular game in 2013 developed by and Australian game developer Kumobius the DUET.


    Duet is an arcade game and as I mentioned above was released on 2013 in iOS and android platforms. This game is 2D type arcade which some people think is boring because in this day and age 2D games are being overshadowed by high budget and graphically awesome games, but that’s what you are wrong. Just thinking that being 2D means it will suck is just stupid and second this game introduced a new type of game, meaning the game is unique from other arcades back then. Duet was also introduced to Windows, OS X, and Linux platform so players can really play the game more efficiently. The game received various awards, so the popularity of this game is justified.


    The game mechanic of the game is simple; the player will rotate a circular track with 2 blue and red small orb in each side of the track. The goal is to pass all white falling objects, which stand as the game obstacle, by rotating the track. Failing in doing so will send the player back at the beginning of the stage and stages will obviously get harder as you complete more stages.

    Taping the left lower part of the monitor, if played in a mobile, will rotate the track counter clockwise and clockwise if the player tap the right lower side of the monitor. Controls in playing the game using a computer is by using left arrow key and right arrow key by default, however player can change the controls that suit for him/her better.


    • The game has a hypnotizing background that could give you headache while playing so after completing 2-3 stages in the game rest for a while to avoid getting headaches.
    • If you have a personal computer play the game there instead having larger screen will be a big help when calculating when to rotate and when not to.
    • Don’t lay down while playing this game just like I said in the first that this game give it’s player headache, laying down playing this game will surely give you one, based on experience.
    • Always look 2 obstacle ahead. Well it might sound so difficult but as you play constantly you will learn how to do it.
    • And lastly try to remember the course of the obstacle, it will help you’re reflexes react faster.


    The game is notoriously hard despite the simplicity of the concept that was the game is made, and I find it fun playing simple but difficult games like this. So If you are in to games that would make a players sense of completion every stages you clear then this game is for you. I don’t really have issue with the game although the background images of the stages is really hypnotizing but I guess that will be a part of the game so if  I rate this game from 5 star I would rate this game by 4 and a half. I hope you enjoy this game recap see you next article.

    Rate this article Game Recap: Duet (Arcade Game)

    (3.29/5) 21 rates


    Game Recap: Duet (Arcade Game) game @_@ ^-^

    19 march 2020 18:47

    also the collor alre lovely

    20 january 2020 18:41

    the background is truly hypnotizing

    20 january 2020 18:40

    dont know nothing about this game world

    18 june 2019 19:01

    Not really bad!

    27 january 2019 18:15