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    (4.4/5) 5 rates
    blank4, 30 september 2018 02:08

    Game Recap: Brain Dots

    In this series of Game Recap I will talk about the game called ‘Brain Dots’ that was released on mid-2015 for Android and iOS platforms. This game is quite popular back then so if you know this game please do share you experience in the comment section.


    Brain Dots a mobile game puzzle drawing game that was free released on July of 2015. The game received a lot of praises from various reviews for its ingenious game concept. As a lore in every puzzle game ‘Brain Dots’ also have stages of levels which become harder to pass as the level increased, which is a good brain exercise for it promotes players to use there limitless imagination to pass every levels. In google app store over 500 thousand users installed the game and having 4.4 rating.


    Brain Dots is puzzle drawing game which means in order to solve the puzzle player need to draw, but what should the players draw? Anything you can think of to solve the puzzle which is to get the blue and pink dots to touch. As simple as the objective sounds is the game is actually not that easy for players need to be careful not to let the dots fall off from the screen or it’s a game over. The drawn inanimate object will be drop, spin or wobble because the law of physics applies in this game.  Also the game rules changes as the players level go higher which makes the game more harder to pass examples are the obstacles get harder, spaces for the ball to stay safe will be more limited, and cages where you can draw inside. So players who can’t think out of the box quickly might get stuck in that level for long even if the game doesn’t level down a player every failed attempt for the players can try again and again the level he currently conquering.


    • If you want to draw falling object to push the balls draw it near the top of the ball. Drawing it far might result to miss calculation of the trajectory of the fall resulting in a blockage between the two balls
    • Avoid getting the balls trapped. This usually happens when you draw container type objects like an open side square or almost completed curves.
    • Always think of a simple way. If you think that the solution your thinking looks impossible think of another way for the tendency of you keep trying same solution will get you stuck in that level for too long.
    • Avoid drawing big objects in a limited a space. It traps usually ended up trapping the balls.
    • Don’t waste your time trying over and over again without a solid plan. Well if you keep coming up with weird solution you might get it right, that’s probably what you others think but what you’re really doing is just trying you luck which gives you a really small chance of success, especially if you get to really high level of the game


    The game is fun and the concept of the game is really good having players draw inanimate object to move the ball or draw pathways for the ball to roll. It really suits for a good pass time if you’re waiting for someone or just chilling. If you want to crank up some brain cell and have fun then this game is for you. I highly recommend this game with a rate of 4 out of 5 it would be 4.8 without the ads but that’s one way the game make a profit so those ads won be going anywhere too bad.

    Rate this article Game Recap: Brain Dots

    (4.4/5) 5 rates



    22 november 2019 04:37