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    (5/5) 9 rates
    Donovanalph, 26 december 2018 16:45

    Frostpunk - review.


    What is this game - from the first minutes it becomes clear that the game is not about a fun holiday in the mountains, but about the harsh life of people desperately fighting the elements for their lives, but we are assigned the role of leader, whose duties include distributing workers in shifts , decide where, how and when to build buildings, as well as make various decisions and laws. For me, this is probably the first game of this genre, the survival of society, I usually used to survive for some character, and here is a whole community. And to be honest, I was attracted to this game.


    The ground is covered with snow, completely. There is no hope, there will be no thaw, the biosphere and civilization are dying, and the player is tasked with performing the overture at this funeral of organic life. The plot in this game is divided into several scenarios that are not related to each other and in the future, the developers promise us new modes and scenarios.

    The main scenario, it seems to me, is a new house, which tells about a group of refugees from London who went far to the north, through the chilling frosts in search of a huge coal-fired heat generator, many of which were built on the eve of the great cooling. The group still gets to one of the generators, but some people lagged along the road. The surviving members of the expedition set up a giant thermal energy generator, which becomes the heart of the settlement. Here it is not even a city to be built, but a refuge. To extract coal for the generator, food for residents, wood and steel for buildings. Conduct research to discover new structures and improve old ones.


    The gameplay of the game is a standard town-planning simulator with its own nuances.
    We need to collect the resources scattered around our generator, namely coal, wood and metal. To do this, we assign a certain number of people to work, choosing from workers, engineers or, under certain circumstances, children. However, these reserves will not last long and you will have to look for other ways to mine them, since there are options.

    Next, we need to attend to the issue of food, build hunting lodges and a kitchen, as well as provide our people with a warm night, having built tents for them. Employees are also assigned to each building by choosing the number of people of a particular caste, and then they understand which of them will work exactly where.

    And finally, we turn on the generator and the heat is poured around with red-yellow waves in the heat diagram. And, it would seem that now everything will be fine, but the weather spoils us with all the plans, as it slowly but surely tends to fall even lower all the game, and the population also grows over time, from which it is necessary to expand the living space, which also needs heat. Here the player comes to the aid of the technology tree, studying which will open new, as well as more and more advanced buildings. The whole gameplay is built around our notorious core, which constantly needs to be supplied with coal in order not to freeze. In the process of development of the settlement, the generator will be modernized and more and more coal will be consumed, since the settlement will grow and you will have to heat more and more new areas, and the temperature will inevitably tend to absolute zero.

    The core is located in the crater, which limits the game map to its steep slopes. However, in these very slopes unprecedented deposits of resources are concealed, which it will be possible to extract at a certain stage of the game while studying certain technologies.


    The game is definitely worth the money, besides, judging by the assurances of the developers will be added new scenarios and modes, and all this for free. As for the assessment, I will give the game a rating of 8 out of 10, but only because there are not enough scenarios in my opinion.

    Of the advantages of the game, I can single out a powerful and sincere mood, impeccably injected by the atmosphere of inevitable death, with the hope that barely flashes through the deadly blizzards, as well as the sensitive infrastructure, flexibility of laws and technologies, heavy thoughts after the next party, overcoming the death of the world, intense music. All this fits perfectly into a new genre for me. And I hope the game will develop and only gets better.

    Rate this article Frostpunk - review.

    (5/5) 9 rates


    Very informative. I hope to get this game soon.

    28 december 2018 02:06

    Great artile!

    23 january 2019 23:55

    dunno I already dropped this game

    29 december 2018 16:43

    amazing work

    29 december 2018 22:33

    great as the game i ve played about war

    30 december 2018 12:24

    i played this its a cool game ( excuse the pun ) yeah if your looking for a challenge then this games for you

    17 may 2019 14:47

    finally good strategy game

    25 june 2020 19:11

    I liked it! Great job :)

    26 december 2018 19:29