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    NightFang, 4 june 2018 01:32


    Fortnite How To Play ?

    Fortnite How to Play? That's it
    Do not Land in Popular Areas!
    Do not shoot the man you see every time!
    Rinse the environment until it comes from your hand!
    Stay away from the collective wars!
    Move With Your Team!
    Sound, muscle!
    Do not get caught in the storm!
    These are what you can learn by going down the page. Learn how to play Fornite.

    We can say that it is the first game with very different dynamics from standard multi-player game logic. We actually had a similar situation with Battlefield 1. We were fighting on a huge map of 50 people
    There are easily 100 players in the language. It's like a battlefield. It's like a possibility that you get 100 men on your own. Even if you use the trick, you are the hunt for someone who catches you in front of you with headshots.

    For this reason, always play calmly, avoid aggressive play. Follow your riffs, make plans and attack your opponents at the right time. Surround the environment, loot, equip your equipment. Always give your priority to survival.

    You will notice already that half of the players will be disappeared within 5 minutes after you have indicated ..

    There was no tactics as fine as PUBG. It was more like shoot'em up. We can say that PUBG is the first example of this kind. Fortnite is based on PUBG mechanics: Battle Royale. How do you play this game with this extrAt the beginning of the game, it is one of the things that we should pay attention to while flying from our parachute to the sky. We have to stay away from crowded areas. If you want to win the game, you need to survive for a long time. You have to stay away from every area where you have an aggressive fight.

    Particularly if you are playing solo, not as a team, your chances of surviving in crowded areas are very low. Yes, maybe it can be exciting sometimes but be sure that the faint excitement you are experiencing when you are defeated does not really satisfy you.

    Finding the first weapon may put you in a strong position in the beginning, but in this case, the first minute will be the focal point of your enemies in your circle. Which is what you need to avoid. Go down into a quiet area, let the crocodiles eat each other for two guns.

    You will eventually find that weapon in your hands, then the actual battle will begin. Usually try to be the last person to land on the road. Proceed to the inner parts by supplying weapons and equipment in coastal settlements.

    Like Rust, you have to survive in Battle Royale and build all the plans you make on survival.aordinary game in this summer? What should we watch and how should we behave? Below you can find some important tips.


    Rate this article Fortnite

    (3.64/5) 56 rates


    the grammar in this article is really bad, one star from me!

    9 july 2018 04:20

    The same as a normal br game

    23 august 2019 12:08

    Just kill everyone and build a WALL

    22 august 2019 21:28

    The game is good, the developer team keep it fresh and fun.

    9 july 2018 20:59

    Fortnite is the really best game at the moment, cause you can play it on like devices. You can play it on xbox/playstation/pc/ipad/iphone. The greatest thing is it’s free. So that’s why i really like it :)

    17 june 2018 15:15

    it will be launched on android on 16 JULY.Give a like for this information.

    13 july 2018 18:23

    trendy but not extremely interesting

    8 june 2018 13:09

    this more fortnite

    8 june 2018 23:21

    Someone tell me a graphic card to play cs go and fortnite

    23 june 2018 02:39

    when it'll be available on android?

    9 june 2018 00:47