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    Rate this article "Fortnite: Tips for not letting any zombies or carcass invade your fort!"

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    Julio_Lokin, 9 october 2017 22:53

    Fortnite: Tips for not letting any zombies or carcass invade your fort!

    After six years in development, Fortnite, the new Epic Games game is finally here! With a simple but addictive but fun gameplay proposal, the game brings hours of fun with coop missions accompanied by a beautiful look and a robust crafting system that is able to keep up with all the players' creativity when it comes to setting up their fort.

    But despite the simplicity of the gameplay, the game has many mechanics and commands that can make everything much more complex and over time, the game will not make it easier for you when the matter is the force of the wave of enemies. With this guide we will help you defend against the attacks on zombie hordes and so-called "carcasses" so that no enemy can break your defenses, come with us!


    1 - Attraction!

    Generally the player's first reaction to building his fort's defenses is to try to block any entrance of the site through walls or away from any "ramp" of the ground so that the enemies have more difficulty to reach. It works? Yes, but this can cause something in which we must avoid what is the unforeseen attack.

    By blocking the entrances, Fortnite's enemies will seek other means to invade their fort, thus making it difficult to battle with zombies and carcasses because of their dispersal. The idea here is not to hinder the entry of enemies, but rather eliminate them as best as possible.

    Mount two to four entrances made easy for enemies, with a ramp right and everything else, so the fools will be drawn to these "corners", with that focus on traps and firepower. This way you will be guaranteed that no enemy will attack your fort from any unexpected location and everything will be in control.

    2 - The preparation!

    Preparing against the attacks is extremely important, when I say preparing is much more than building your fort. Buy ammunition, build weapons, strengthen structures and secure yourself. Doing everything over the hour is risky and can lead to the situation of you forgetting something.

    Doing everything before starting the wave is the most recommended, then only make the fine adjustments during the countdown to find helpers.

    3 - Leave heavy work just for the traps

    Some traps in Fortnite as well as being damaged to the point of being destroyed by enemies, they also spend "uses", that is, certain traps have a limit of times that can be used. With that in mind, let the hard work for them while you are with few enemies try to prevent them from reaching the traps to preserve their wear.

    Use your own firepower (weapons, bombs and specials) and do not hesitate to use barricades to help you control enemy groups.

    4 - Help other players!

    Helping other players can be much better than you can imagine. Besides being easy to beat, since you will not be playing alone, the waves usually tend to end faster and with that the game rewards you with a lot of XP to unlock new items to evolve your character.

    5 - Each class in your square

    Using the classes in their due activities is extremely important in order to be efficient in the respective activities you are doing.

    Use the "Outsider" class to craft building materials, as the chances of finding more items are much greater, while the "Builder" class is the most efficient to build your fort by using a smaller amount of materials during the process. The combat-focused classes "Soldier" and "Ninja", vary the ideal choice according to your gameplay style, if you play alone, we recommend using the "Soldier" class, which brings a greater number of firearms, the "Ninjas" are more effective for melee combat.

    And these are my tips for you that are starting right now on Fortnite!

    Rate this article Fortnite: Tips for not letting any zombies or carcass invade your fort!

    (4/5) 6 rates


    i love is fortnite

    8 november 2020 20:42

    I think fortnite is becoming boring. The first chapter was good but when they came to season X. Everything changed. Now fortnite is not good from my opininon.

    4 december 2020 10:15

    e all tho=

    8 october 2020 12:51

    finally i found an article on this. when i look up fortnite, it only comes up with battle royale. thank you

    6 april 2020 16:58

    i love fortnite nice game cool

    12 june 2020 16:42

    Omg V buck

    28 november 2020 10:22

    Cool.Thanks for the tips.Itreally helped me very much. I don't know some of them

    8 march 2020 04:06

    Omg v buck

    17 january 2020 18:33

    Nice i learned a lot

    16 march 2020 12:40

    very fun to play

    8 october 2020 12:45