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    (4.11/5) 9 rates
    yankni, 19 may 2018 15:33

    Fortnite, Save the world?

    Hello! And welcome today in this article I will be explaining about Fortnite, not battle royale but save the world! As someone who played it and almost is finished with the second world in it I decided to make this article talking if it's good or not.

    To start with all this I prefer talking about the pros and cons of save the world lets get started!

    1. The game is getting more and more addictive throughout the gameplay, due to the fact of you playing, and killing monsters and no forgetting doing quests! it sure gets you more and more interested to the game itself!

    2.The crafting within the game are sure amazing and useful since you can create weapons that can help on your adventures and also gain schemetics (blueprints for crafting the weapon) quite nicely and easily! that way you can always gain a new weapon with a different grade or power!

    3.The game is constantly being updated with buffs, nerfs and events! Due to this the game never gets boring and you always gain only more and more content!

    1.The game might get boring for people due to it's way of play, since usually the missions are quite short and take around 3-4 minutes each the game might feel fast paced or slow paced for people and it might get them off playing, that way in general they might hate the game because of that.

    2.The game costs money while it's going to be free in the future, yeah, the game will become free in the early 2019 and people who would want to purchase it now are welcome but it is not sure if you will have more pros than cons when it gets free

    3.The game has a system that not everyone might like, due to it's crafting and need to gain resources even on your missions and plays, sometimes or even oftenly you would waste your time only for farming more resources so you can finish another mission or get stronger.

    Should you buy the game or not? 

    Buying the game is a great choice for people who can't wait for it's release and usually want to help the developers themselves, the game on it's own is great and has a bright future but what's more is that there is so much to do in it already,  thanks for that the game rarely gets boring and you can waste months playing it and still enjoy it! on each and each of the quests finished you only get more and more interested because you gain new items and maybe even newer abilities such as the hoverboard, heros, survivors and more! 

    In the end it all comes to taste because the user that wants to buy it has to think carefully if it is worth it or not, because it's a zombie survival game it can be more interesting for people and yet some might not like it very much since it's a different kind of zombie survival, by a kind of killing, doing quests and so much more can be told about this game!

    Rate this article Fortnite, Save the world?

    (4.11/5) 9 rates


    Fortnite- Save the world will be free at the end of 2018 now the end of 2019 almost

    22 august 2019 21:30

    frotnite was ok till season 10 aww men crepar

    2 november 2019 15:58

    Fortnite Boyyyyyy

    15 march 2019 19:48

    Fortnite was okay ☺😄

    31 march 2019 13:22

    fortnite was the trend
    now it is not i think

    5 march 2020 08:52

    thank you it has helped me

    28 october 2020 06:12

    Save 5he world it's the bestGood job

    11 march 2020 03:59