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    Nermija, 27 march 2018 22:59

    Fortnite: Battle Royale - A Guide for Beginners

    There is a tremendous chance that you've heard of Fortnite: Battle Royale. If you didn't, no problem - you are in the right place. We will present you in this text one of the most fun games, what it is, how it is played and what it is doing.
    Also, recently released version for iOS that is fully compatible with those on Windows and PlayStation 4. Let's look at what's being done here and why you still have to start playing this game today.

    What is Fortnite?
    Fortnite is a fairly unique game developed by Epic. The beginning of this game was  zombie defense shooter, but then the "battle royale" mode was added to it and the game became popular. Battle Royale is a genre of games that became extremely popular a year ago and its time is just coming.
    What is "battle royale"?
    If we had to explain to you what this genre was, we would say that this is a fashion that we can summarize in a few words: "Kill all around and try to survive." Imagine "Hunger Games" but in a slightly different form.

    Although every game plays this genre differently, or from its perspective, all those globally work alike. More precisely, everything comes down to similar gameplay and similar "action". You and 99 more people are "thrown" on the map, along with the weapons and the game moves.

    You have a specific zone, and one circle that represents the boundary to where you can move. Over time, this circle is getting smaller and smaller, and the winner is the one who last alive. Pretty simple concept, and again so fun.

    Why are these games so popular?
    The games of this genre have actually started as modes in games such as DayZ and H1Z1. After that, the creator of these original modes - Brendan Greene - remembers that he could make a special game that would be exclusively "battle royale" and so did PlayerUnknown's BattleGround, or PUBG.

    So how do you just want to play these games now? This is because these games have just matured and just people are now warming up for this kind of gameplay. Somehow it's easy to get into games where you are in the arena with 99 other people and trying to be better and more cunning than them.

    Many developers were interested in such games when PUBG was launched, but only Epic made something worth mentioning. They created a Fortune mode that had more action than PUBG, simplified mechanics, faster maths, unique style ...

    How to play Fortnite?
    From the very beginning, Fortnite is a very intense game to play. You have 100 individuals. Everyone falls on a map that is 8 x 8 kilometers and that's it. It's time to find the weapon and start killing the enemies.

    What is the goal?
    The first and most important goal is to survive the last. As you guess, it's easier to say than to do. Of course it will not be easy because you can often bump into the very good Fornite players that will easily knock you off and take all you have.

    Loot, loot, loot ....

    The first thing you have to do is to land on a map, when you land, loot. Actually, it does not necessarily have to be a weapon. You need to find something to survive in this wild arena.

    So on the map you can find weapons, bullets, treatment items, explosives ... All these things can help you survive the game.
    Otherwise, you will almost always find a rifle, especially if you land on the same place as other players. But as soon as you land, start shooting or somebody will shoot  you.


    At the very core, Fortnite is a shooter, so if you've already played such games, you will quickly adapt to this. All you have to know is that the headshot is the most damaging, but it is also the hardest to perform. And that's it. Of course, you will need some time to become accustomed to the dynamics of the game and shooting because that will be the thing you will be doing almost all the time while playing the game.

    At some time during the game, you will want to get wood, bricks or metal. You can find these materials anywhere on the map, and you will need 100 pieces of material to build something. You will see through the game that construction of buildings is an important aspect of this game.
    What to say about the end? Nothing but an excellent game that you should try today. You can play it on a PS4, a PC, a mobile phone, and a Xbox One.

    Rate this article Fortnite: Battle Royale - A Guide for Beginners

    (4.39/5) 28 rates

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    i remember playing at my cousins house

    2 january 2020 15:43

    well that game is very fun to play BUT!!! Fortnite is for sure more fun to play with frends well at the time is perfect to play with frend Fortnite cuz of that virus no one can go out😢

    31 march 2020 12:43