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    (4.83/5) 23 rates
    noobda, 28 march 2018 15:25

    A Massively Multiplayer Pixel Art Game - PixARK

    Yep, you read that right, its a massively multiplayer game which has pixel graphics just like many other games, but will it live up to the mark and the hype of the survival games which are predominantly increasing in number day by day, let find out... And the fun fact here is that the massive games which are similar in name like the ARK survival and other series do sound same but the developer is different here, so no worries.

    Lets find out more about PixARK..

    This is a massively multiplayer game which features pixel graphics instead of the full load of crunchy cosmetics which require a super heavy RAM and GPU usage. This game is basically a survival game but the difference here is that the game is kind of focusses on being super simple but the game is just like many other survival games where you encounter many things across the gameplay. But the advantage here in this game PixARK is that you will be able to run this game on almost a potato machine/computer but it does require some good amount of RAM. So about the game, this game is about construction where you build bases out of cubes found in the game and the basic purpose of everything is to survive the game, that's it, its that simple, well all the survival games do the same but with different approaches and different style.

    This game is kind of like the Minecraft if we see it in terms of the graphics but well, its not that similar either, this game has some pretty decent textures which are seldom similar with many other games. And to talk about the gameplay, this game is still in development and there will guys still making the game awesome, so commenting on the gameplay will be a little but unfair by all means. And by the way this game isn't a free to play as of now, but you'll have to wait and see if it happens, well we can't see a game that's a paid game in early access and goes full free to play on its full release, not to mention the game called H1Z1, well we all know what happened there. Lets not shift there, lets find out some information about the game from steam's store page...

    So, here we go:

    • Single Player mode
    • Multi Player mode
    • Has online multi player mode
    • Has online co-op mode to play with friends on same side
    • Release Date: 27th March, 2018 [yesterday, that's the release date of the early access of this game, the game might take a year to be out of early access]
    • Developer: Snail Games USA
    • Publisher: Snail Games USA
    • Mostly positive reviews so far
    • A survival game that has pixel graphics and is quite MMO

    From the above image you can predict that the game has some creatures which are dinosaurs and other types of animals which are quite unique in their own way and will obstruct your survival in many ways. The game is actually kind of some interesting only if you're in to those pixel graphics things, once you start to feel that the pixel graphics bring headache to you, then you immediately start to loose interest in the game, either way the game is not a free to play game so you might have to be alert while making the choice. Lets go through the minimum system requirements required to play this game smoothly, even though the game is pixel graphics game it does require some nice hardware unlikey I said that the game runs on POTATO PC but you'll know which one's a joke soon...

    > Intel Core i5 or AMD FX 8320 or equivalent processor required
    > 4GB of RAM is enough to run this game so far
    > Nvidia GTX660 2GB or AMD's Radeon HD 7870 2GB dedicated graphics are required but you can try it on integrated graphics but with a lot of compromises, actually a lot of sacrifices which are made at resolution and quality of the graphics
    > The game occupies 15GB of storage on your hard drive, actually as this game is Early Access game there might be updates now and then making the game even huge or even smaller depending on the situation
    > As many of you might know there is a need for a pretty decent internet connection to be able to play online games which can't be paused by the way

    It will be too early to conclude on a game that's still in its early access and is paced to be developed and assumed to be better in the upcoming days, so lets just go through some of the key aspects that are pretty good so far in this game. The idea of survival in this game is pretty nice including the pixel graphics while keeping the textures intact along with pretty good visuals. We will have to wait and see if this game makes some buzz in the steam sales or from the community perspective of this game, PixARK...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A Massively Multiplayer Pixel Art Game - PixARK

    (4.83/5) 23 rates


    whats the specifications of the game

    3 april 2018 12:14

    The game looks quite a bit like Trove doesn't it? Is the gameplay similar as well?

    7 april 2018 05:27


    3 april 2018 12:13


    1 april 2018 13:33


    1 april 2018 13:33

    Gotta try this

    7 april 2018 04:25


    18 april 2020 09:07

    Best comment 2019 "32132"

    16 april 2018 03:31


    16 april 2018 01:43

    it's looks like a funny game

    8 april 2018 13:40