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    Rate this article "A Challenge, Riding Bicycle without a Person - Bike of the Wild [Steam]"

    (5/5) 18 rates
    noobda, 27 march 2018 20:07

    A Challenge, Riding Bicycle without a Person - Bike of the Wild [Steam]

    Actually this is not the challenge to ride a bicycle without a rider but the main point of this game is to ride the bicycle in different situations where you'd most likely not be able to ride and the main theme of the game, actually any game is to 'have fun'. So, lets hop in and find out more about the game 'Bike of the Wild'....

    Bike of the Wild:
    This game like many other games looks pretty decent until you notice that there is no rider on the bicycle, well its not the main point of this game though, its the challenge that's in the game which is pretty awesome. I mean many games like getting over it, cuphead and dark souls are quite challenging but this game here somehow compares itself with those games, lets findout if this game actually requires that much of skill level or not. You might remember games such as Hill Climb Racing and other games which require skill particularly based upon the tracks we drive on, like the trails extreme, this is pretty much like it in some ways. The terrain here is not that simple to get used to, but once you get hold of the controls and how to drive the thing then the actual thing starts, the controlling and making it through that terrain and getting to the top. 

    The game is actually stating that the Bike of the Wild, and it deserves that name, you'll know why in just a few moments. The game is quite fun to some extent and then it all narrows dows to personal preference. Though the game is quite fun, mastering this game is not that easy ot a task, actually not all games can be mastered that easily, you have to put hours of gameplay and be mindful at times in the game, and if the game isn't that smooth and fun then people won't have any interest to  play the game or to master it by any means.

    Lets find out some more information about this game from the steam page:

    • Single Player Game
    • Release Date: 15th November, 2017
    • Developers: The Most
    • Publisher: The Most
    • Positive Reviews so far (not that much reviewed game till now)
    • A gamepad is a must to play this game
    • Has full controller support which explains the necessity of a controller to play this game
    • In a recent update the game has been updated to be able to play the game at 60fps and higher
    • So far the gameplay is liked by some while its dependent on personal preference towards gaming
    • Game requires some patience for sure

    The game Bike of the Wild has many atmospheric conditions to offer and there are many things that are quite fun to play around with. You'll notice that the game gets its difficult level high as you progress in the game, just like the good old days, where the game starts to be faster and faster until you loose, just like the PACMAN, which is a legendary game at that time. Some how here the game has the difficulty level hike as the game progresses, and you have to put in time to understand and get to know the terrain and then use appropriate controls to overcome that. And I have to say that this game has some nice graphcis which are not rendered with integrated graphics for some reason, actually the intergrated cards are able to show the grahics but they aren't quite that good to be honest while making many exceptions at resolution and frame rates.

    So, here are the basic system requirements to be able to play this game accordingly:
    > Requires an Intel i3 or AMD FX6300 or equivalent if any
    > 4GB of RAM will be sufficient
    > A dedicated graphics card is required to have a smoother gameplay experience or you can try out the game with intel HD or integrated graphics but you'll have to sacrifice over resolutions and frame rates
    > The game occupies 1.2GB of hard drive storage
    > Graphics card recommended by the game's steam page is a Nvidia GTX750Ti or the AMD HD7870 for some reason

    Now, keeping the specifications aside, lets get to the actual point, the gameplay is quite fun to some extent, you have to understand how the game and controls work or you'll start to loose patience and will eventually loose interest in the game.

    This game is quite fun to play and has some challenging levels with absolutely great terrain and nice textures. Apart from the level of difficulty in the game, the game is quite mediocre, but you'll find the game more interesting once you get to know the controls and how everything works in the game as that's what will take time to know in this game.

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A Challenge, Riding Bicycle without a Person - Bike of the Wild [Steam]

    (5/5) 18 rates


    Cool nice

    12 november 2018 12:25

    uh sorry Cool Man!

    6 march 2019 17:37

    Col man

    6 march 2019 17:36

    how to make offer this game ill buy ?

    9 december 2019 05:08

    lvl up pls

    18 april 2020 08:50

    pls lvl up

    18 april 2020 09:06