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    Onda, 10 july 2021 21:32

    Forge of Empires

    Forge of Empires, there were many online games in the browser, so what makes this game so special?

    In this review, we will dive into the key points that make this game so interesting.

    Forge of Empires is an online strategy game that took place in the Middle Ages (although it is not mentioned, it is assumed due to the structure and ubiquity of the game.) In the game you have to overcome the challenges and tasks that make you friendly. The face of the city and the bustle of running its own bustling medieval city hope that the city will arrive on time.

    The target group of this game is approximately 12 years old and can be enjoyed by all age groups. The game itself is not violent, so it can be played with parental consent.

    Game play

    The overall impression of this game is quite refreshing. Current online strategies are often too complicated and game differences. Although very interesting, in Forge of Empires you will feel as if you are playing a classic game like Age of Empires or Civilization. Empire Forge is a relatively fast-paced game with minimal time to load items or buildings and time to search and battle. Running Forge of Empires is generally very easy.


    There are many large and small buildings in the game that players can build, from compact cottages to huge temples, and waiting is small or non-existent. The construction costs are quite favorable. The price can be only 40 gold and 40 resources. Unfortunately, the larger the structure, the more expensive it will be, although it can still be said to be cost-effective. Players begin to build and advance from a 16 x 20 plot. During the game, you can buy more land for an understandable price, and many buildings also produce things like gold or resources, and in some cases soldiers.


    The main source of money in FOE is gold coins, which can be obtained through tasks and sometimes challenging tasks, but the harder the task, the more gold the player gets. A person can also take part in wars and battles on a vast land and earn gold and funds for their efforts. Over time, some buildings will also produce gold, although a small amount can still help in all aspects. Gold coins can't be bought for life, but money can only be made, but players know how to get things, so it shouldn't be a big deal, because for diamonds, diamonds are used to speed up the loading time of a month if you can't wait a few minutes or hurry. Fortunately, all diamonds can be purchased for only $ 4.99. In addition, you can also purchase care packages for players who start late.


    Fights and battles were an extensive part of the 11th century, so the game only allowed players to click on a map button and enter the vast wasteland of the FOE and freely choose their opponents, even if they had to go through certain countries. Attack, the fighting style itself is very simple. Players take turns competing with computers. More interesting version of chess. Moving in a defined area, a player can move and destroy an enemy army in seconds or minutes, depending on your enemy. It can accommodate soldiers' buildings, such as residences or barracks, can be purchased in shops for a fee, and soldiers can make other huge improvements at the touch of a button. Remember, the bigger the army, the better the chances of winning.


    Now in this part of the evaluation, we will discuss the villagers and life friends you want to attack and win. The villagers in your village have nothing to say, just make sure you make them lucky, otherwise your village will lose the villagers. This is absolutely essential if you want to manage the whole metropolis. As for your friends online, you can use their usernames to invite friends, start a fierce fight against them, or just visit each other's villages and greet them. You can also use games to motivate or improve their cities.


    Overall, FOE is an extremely fun game suitable for most ages and you won't be addicted to endless gameplay, although you can, if you want, FOE is a game you can always play, or maybe just want to play again all the time writing this review ran civilized and honest. I didn't turn off the game card. Games are a great way to kill time or even just taste history.


    For anyone who wants to play a new game, FOE is the best choice because it's a great game and it's free.

    Rate this article Forge of Empires

    (4.35/5) 260 rates

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    Forge of Empires

    One of the best browser strategy games. Our city is developed since time immemorial, since the Stone Age. Starting with a pure plot of land used for our own village, we have to expand in order to create our own empire. An amazing aspect of the game is the fact, that the time is passing, so the era are changing as well. In this w...

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    I realy liked the artical I have never played this game but I would love to play this game I then tride the its soow fun

    19 october 2021 08:01

    wow this seems lika nice game and ya...last comment lol for the day

    11 october 2021 11:31

    good game at the start and take time to build a village no -warpten to build fast

    12 november 2021 23:17

    this kind of game is the best game i ever play before.

    4 december 2021 04:57

    Nice article, I played this game before, but still learned something new.

    9 september 2022 02:16

    very nice article and this game is a lot of fun and actually very interesting

    23 february 2022 04:36

    you have to overcome the challenges and tasks that make you friendly. The face of the city and the bustle of running its own bustling me

    23 february 2022 04:31

    I used to play this game, I stopped since I was moving to uni. it is nice to remember some nice moments i had in the game

    5 november 2021 17:34

    Nice article but personally i dont like games of this genres.

    29 october 2021 14:35

    Nice informative article. I might check this game out, however the genre of this game is a bit off-putting. Great work!

    9 january 2022 07:33