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    Fly! ~If my Heart had Wings~
    A beautiful story about love and dreams.

             Visual novels are an interesting bunch when it comes to video games for they barely have any gameplay to begin with, just tons and tons of text and voice acting, a few have a dating esque gameplay. Due to this some people barely consider them games at all but rather an interactive book. Regardless of whether it’s a game or not, most of them have interesting stories and the one that we’ll be tackling today is a visual novel that I read/played last year, If my Heart Had Wings. I’ll do my best to explain the story without giving away any spoilers.



                    You play as a brown haired dude who seems to have been in accident, he has moved to a dormitory to begin a new life in what I presume to be a high school of some sort. What he thought to be a calm and normal school life might not be what will happen as he discovers that the dormitory that he was supposed to stay was a girl’s dormitory. Tune in to find out what will happen to our protagonist!


                    Not a lot, you will spend a lot of time reading and listening to what the characters have to say, kind of like watching a movie with barely any animations. Thankfully, the characters are unique and human enough to be interesting and the music feels good to listen to. There are sometimes clips that are fully animated but they are few and far in between so better get used to looking at their stationary models.


                    At your first run, you will be presented with choices. Don’t be fooled, you must choose the correct one or you will be put back to an earlier save. These “failed” choices are meant for your next playthrough where the story drastically changes upon your choices. The User Interface is typical visual novel stuff, you have many save slots and you can load them at any point. My advice is to save quite a lot since you might want to go back and change your choices.


                    If my Heart Had Wings is a great visual novel in its own right but it does more by making your second and third playthroughs different. Personally, I found the characters to be really lovable, they seem to be dynamic and human in nature unlike other novels that I read. Otherwise it’s a visual novel, when you’re looking for a relaxing read you can look no further as your heart will flutter when you read/play If my Heart had Wings.



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    18 october 2017 00:24


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    18 october 2017 16:57

    Nice one

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    19 october 2017 13:38

    Here to spam, fam. When's the next batch of articles?

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    19 october 2017 15:41

    I have no idea

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    19 october 2017 16:25