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    The Advantages of Intel processors
    If you often dabble with the computer world, my friend must have often heard the word "processor", especially intel processors. Well, do you know about the advantages of intel processors ?.
    Well, the processor itself is the brain of a computer, laptop, even a smartphone also has a processor. The processor is a very important component in the computer.
    Without a processor, a technology-based device can not run. The processor is like a part of the virus that must exist in a technology device. What is built is a graduate of Computer Engineering majors.
    Quad Core or Dual Core processors definitely have better performance when compared to a single core processor.
    Many people love Intel because of some of Intel's advantages. However, many people who like AMD because of the advantages of AMD.
    but which I will discuss on this occasion is the advantages of intel processors.

    The Intel Advantages:

    1. Intel Not Easy Heat

    It can happen because the Intel processor has been designed to regulate the temperature / temperature when the laptop / computer work. Imagine, my friend uses a laptop has a processor with the brand Intel for hours. Surely the laptop will be hot right?
    Well, the heat is handled directly by Intel. Well, a high temperature pressure of a laptop is muted directly by its own processor. It would be more optimal damping compared with heat reduction that is not handled directly by the processor.

    2. not noisy

    Intel manufacturers outsmart by installing heatsink technology at Intel. This heatsink at work, does not make a sound.
    Logically, if something at work does not create a noisy noise when used in a processor it will make the processor is not noisy while working.

    3. Intel Products Better In Multimedia

    Compared Graphics If you are a youtuber, or a video maker, or game maker then you need a rendering name.
    then, what if i want to render video with AMD? Can you?
    The answer can be.
    But, the rendering process can take longer than Intel processors and the quality is still less than Intel.
    So I suggest for my friend who needs a rendering process, it is advisable to buy a laptop with an Intel branded processor.

    4. More branded (Brand)

    in the Intersection Market first leapfrog rather than AMD. Intel produced earlier than AMD. That's what causes Intel's prestige is higher than AMD.
    When it comes to brands, I do not think it's very influential. Intel or AMD if the quality is good yes it means good. It does not have to win the brand.
    However, although Intel is more brand-winning than AMD, the two processors have competing qualities that can be said to be best.
    Intel can win the hearts of consumers by presenting processors that have high quality. With his strategy, Intel also managed to do this and many people who buy a laptop with the processor.

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    red_hat_ocelot avatar
    18 october 2017 05:41

    very helpful article

    red_hat_ocelot avatar
    18 october 2017 10:04

    dont listen to oxana this is well written article she never wrote any article just report her toxic posts

    frezixtv avatar
    18 october 2017 20:05


    XDKILLER avatar
    18 october 2017 22:11

    intel the best

    andysora avatar
    19 october 2017 00:20

    Nice articlw ! :o tkns ^^

    red_hat_ocelot avatar
    19 october 2017 01:33

    intel is used by guirella fighters on ground to bust down f-22 raptors with intel powered tablets even china approves intel this is silicon valley inside the processor no competition what so ever

    kababski avatar
    19 october 2017 09:26


    ilias_karampinas avatar
    19 october 2017 13:40

    nice article fam

    MrRiddick avatar
    19 october 2017 13:43


    feres avatar
    19 october 2017 17:36