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    (3.4/5) 5 rates
    Janoka88, 8 october 2017 12:50

    Root Letter Review

    Root Letter test
    A riddle, a protagonist, a maxed genre: a lot do not speak in favour of Root Letter, but the strange one, not Kadokawa known from customary games just Games-t it is not driven by the striving of the success in the future, but the extravagance.

    Since how a studio that two years are could be customary turning a manufactured sRPG-t, one saving up card game, a 3D platformert, and at least a visual positively sounding for women novelt? Right, these all did not get to the west, but what is a yes did not cause an enduring, unforgettable experience. And it is possible to reveal the same one about it punctually unfortunately Root Letterről, that the Kadokawa realm would open a new chapter for his game developers' section in a life theoretically.

    The root leaf is the first member of a family born on a common basis: in a future family, there are two common things. One is that each of the stories revolves around a mystic, and another is always the same protagonists, but in a whole new place, in a completely new story. This story begins with a royal leaf with a letter - Fumino Aya visits her with a large stork paper she was dating with her former companion, Aya 15 years earlier, while a lady was uneasy one day. However, during the great search, an unopened message emerges, with a non-trusting text: "I killed someone - I have to punish my actions." A normal person probably sighs and goes on, but a protagonist of a video game tends to shuffle his stuff and head to Aya's former home, trying to find out what happened to her and did something terrible.

    The problem: The aya is really lost in hair, the memories of the past could only be remembered by a classmate named several times whose name she never described, but left so much pressure to be able to find them. The second problem: they all deny that they ever had a classmate named Aya ...

    In addition to the Root Letter, it is certainly a very interesting thing to say: mystery can not be called out of the land at all, and what is really positive is that it's not a simple visual novel, it's more an interactive story with adventure games. In the course of the investigation, the locals must be thoroughly trained, find interesting points in each location, find the story behind the scrolling objects, and if a larger dummy dummy succeeds at the end of each chapter, there is always an intense interrogation in which the currently found the discrepancies found in collecting the schoolmates should be resolved to find the truth.

    This part of the game is clearly based on the Phoenix Wright series, and there is a surprisingly fun and well-functioning system, just the characters themselves who can not reach the level of capability set by Capcom. On the one hand, they are rather skewed and on the other hand because they are generally awkward. Although the venues themselves are appealing and cozy, the figures that appear in the investigation look like if they were an enthusiastic, but unbelievably, manga fanciers from an active Deviantart site - not only because of loud color choices and airbrushed skin depictions even with total impact.
    Of course, it could be overcome, but it is difficult to cope with such basic things as context-dependent menus during localization. That is, you can ask questions about pre-defined topics during conversations. If some important information is heard during the dialogue, it is capable of opening new possibilities, but this game does not indicate - the same subtitle is waiting for the menu, although the newer click will produce completely new texts and thus the way forward also opens. This is only for game-based games if it is not unforgivable, but in any case it is counterproductive, and bursts into a lot of jams, at the same time it spurs into the ground.

    Unfortunately, the Root Novel is not at all outstanding or is unmistakable. It's fun, cozy, but it could be a lot better, so it's just an interesting spot for a genre where virtually every semester comes this much more important and more important, more enduring works - not a love letter, just something that can remain calm envelope.
    Enjoy my review.

    Rate this article Root Letter Review

    (3.4/5) 5 rates


    a hidden gem game my respect for writting an article about it

    17 july 2020 10:10