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    OrangutanGanja, 16 january 2018 08:50

    First Nintendo Switch emulator is under development

    The critically acclaimed video game console that outsold both the Xbox One and the PS4 during December of 2017 in the United States is getting its first very own PC Emulator currently under development by the same devs that developed the Citra, an emulator for the Nintendo 3DS.

    The news about the development of the Nintendo Switch Emulator came under the spotlight after a tweet that was posted from the Yuzuemu twitter handle which stated the announcement of Yuzu, the world's first Nintendo Switch emulator currently in the works as it will be capable for the users to do much more than the Nintendo Switch console offers. This won't be the first time that an emulator for a popular hybrid console has gone under development as the team behind this news has also created Citra, another popular emulator for the Nintendo 3DS. While there has been no laws in place for emulation of consoles making emulators strictly legal, it is however to be noted that copying Rom's is illegal and people are yet to see whether Nintendo will take any legal actions against the developers or not. It is for us to wait and find out, which can either make or break Nintendo Switch's sales in the future as the Nintendo Switch has surpassed 10 million sold units for the year 2017.

    A popular game for the Nintendo Switch console, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild underwent similar emulation development for the CEMU Emulator last year and was fully operational and playable on the PC platform but the CEMU was meant to run only one game. Yuzu on the other hand according to its website is in open source described as an experimental project might be able to run more than one, or in fact all the Nintendo Switch games. The Yuzu is currently under testing for Linux, Mac and the PC platforms. There are few interesting things to be noted such as that Yuzu will not support piracy and instead is meant to help developers learn more about the Nintendo Switch's console code. Yuzu as of now doesn't run any commercial Nintendo games yet, the intend however to make the news public might have been for the developers to get more exposure and help from the general public. It is for us to wait and see whether this road will lead to a greater victory for the console fans or will be the demise for Nintendo and their annual sales, only time will tell.

    Rate this article First Nintendo Switch emulator is under development

    (5/5) 4 ratings


    That is really interesting, i never heard about it before. Any further news to this topic?

    1 december 2019 05:11