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    OrangutanGanja, 16 january 2018 08:42

    Top 5 biggest video game worlds of all time

    Video game developers and publishers have been making some ginormous gaming worlds for fans to relish and conquer in since past few years. Some being procedurally generated, massive-destructive lands while others being linear open worlds. Here are the list of top 5 biggest virtual gaming worlds ever produced in recent years based on rankings.

    5. The Crew - 5000km²

    Ubisoft has been known to create some of the world's most fascinating open worlds for their video games. As stated by Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot back in 2013 about the Publisher's plans to release open world games on a regular basis, they surely delivered an outstanding big open world for their racing flagship The Crew which released on December 2014. The Crew housed a massive open world inspired from the North American patriotic soil consisting of States such as Colorado, Utah, Nevada, South Dakota, Arizona and iconic American cities such as Los Angeles, Sacramento, Seattle, San Francosco, Santa Barbra and many more. In Crew, it took players an astonishing 40 minutes to cross from one part of the map to the other with snowy roads, mountainous terrains, offroads and a lot of city hubs which altogether amounted for a whooping 5000km², all for the players to explore and race on.

    4. Fuel - 14400km²

    An open world consisting of hazy mountains, snowy terrains, forests and farm country sites, this Codemasters published racing game is over 14400km² in length. Developed by Asobo Studios, Fuel is based on a post-apocalyptic world with dynamic changing environment ranging from tornadoes to sandstorms, inspired from the world of Mad Max with a fully functioning day-night cycle. The game consists of vehicles such as ATVs, SUVs, dune buggies, muscle cars, trucks, hovercrafts and much more. The game's multiplayer mode feature supports upto 16 players battling against each other head to head and a co-op mode that supports upto 4 players. Fuel holds the Guinness World Records for having the biggest environmental size in a console game.

    3. Guild Wars Nightfall - 38850km²

    NCSOFT's popular role-playing game Guild Wars Nightfall, the third Guild Wars game in the franchise is estimated to be 38850km² in size. The PC Gamer award for Best MMO game takes place in the Elona continent of the Guild Wars universe with a lot of variety in gameplay elements such as choosing from one out of six professions belonging to the Prophecies, to PvP and PvE elements in the campaign. The game was released in October 2006 with very positive reviews for it's diversifying gameplay of allowing players more choice and flexibility in roleplaying which required significant amount of micro-managing heroes. Guild Wars Nightfall received RPG of 2006 award from MMORPG as well as best Online/Multiplayer Game of 2006 award by 1UP.

    2. The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall - 161600km²

    The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, Bethesda Softworks's hit role-playing game released in 1996 takes an estimated 60 hours to travel from one part to the other. The entire map according to Bethesda's claims is as big as The Great Britain, which is approx 88,745 square miles. The world of Daggerfall contains over 750,000+ NPCs, over 15,000 towns with various cities and dungeons some of which according to Todd Howard was randomly generated, hence the size being so vastly massive. The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall received awards such as "Best Roleplaying Game 1996" and "Role-Playing Game of the Year" awards for its vast playable areas and diversified environments and cities which consisted of a whole total of 62,394 mi² or 161600km² in length, it is the second largest Elder Scrolls game till date.

    1. Minecraft - 4096000000km²

    An idea that took birth after living legend Markus "Notch" Persson quit his job and started developing his vision which he was very enthusiastic about, soon took off within the gaming community and started gathering a lot of people's attention for it's creative as well as multiplayer-survival aspect later became known as Minecraft. Inspired from several other games such as Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress, the "Blocky" styled sandbox survival game's open world is bigger than some living-breathing planets on our solar system, infact Minecraft's world is bigger than the planet Neptune as well as Earth, moon and all other planets. According to Notch's words, the Earth has a 510 million square kilometers surface area, while Minecraft's world has a surface area of 900 million square kilometers. Which makes it roughly 4096000000km² in size, the biggest open world ever created among video games. The world of minecraft is bigger than the Earth indeed.

    Rate this article Top 5 biggest video game worlds of all time

    (3.75/5) 4 ratings


    I like Minecraft. Good article

    30 december 2019 15:00

    Fun and interesting, good job!

    20 may 2019 09:42