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    FIFA 16
    FIFA 16. It is a tough game to review. EA has put in several years of effort, creativity and imagination to aggregate all the features and modes introduced every year and then compiled the game. I bought the game a few months ago. First I had a few problems with the PC code for the game on Origin, but then I figured it out. The game was occupies 13.1 GB of space on the hard drive,and would take less than an hour if you have a decent internet speed, but if you have a slow internet speed such as 2-4 Mbps(Megabits per second), then it would take 10-15 hours to download.
    In the game a new Draft mode was added to the famous and extraordinarily successful Ultimate Team Mode. Earlier players thought about it and were confused about the new mode but then it turned out to be a success and adds a whole lot of fun to it.
    There are new gameplay features in this instalment such as-

    1.Defending is easier.
    2.There is a lot of focus on midfield. It has literally turned into a battlefield, with all that physicality and friction going on out there.
    3.The passes have improved a lot. The interceptions are a whole lot better.
    4.No-touch dribbling adds another layer to the game's skill system.

    Fifa 16 is facing a lot of competition from Konami's PES 2016 which has improved drastically from last year's PES 2015. The gamers are quite confused between FIFA 16 and PES 2016. FIFA 16 has had no strong motivator for the past few years because the FIFA Ultimate Team was gaining popularity and the gamers were getting involved in collecting new players and the other sports games were losing out but now times have changed and other games like WWE 2K16, NBA 2K16 are also coming in front. I have played the game for more than 50 hours and seeing my personal experience, I can say that the game has both amazing features and drawbacks, and it's upto you to choose which game you are buying. Different people have different mindets.They have different likes and dislikes. A situation may arise in which maybe I like a game but you do not, so I would suggest that you first play the demo of the game, which is easily available on Origin, and provides a close look at the gameplay and the new Draft Mode, and make a decision about buying the game.  

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    Fifa 16

    sheepblack69 avatar
    20 august 2017 18:36

    I've never liked any sports related video games (except the ones with cars if you count em as "sports")

    xxns83xx avatar
    21 august 2017 01:54


    Lentao avatar
    22 august 2017 02:45

    ⚽good post👌

    yungdaggerdick666 avatar
    22 august 2017 04:16

    **** reskin

    whereamIfromxd avatar
    22 august 2017 05:46

    dude fifa games are not worth the money

    faishal avatar
    23 august 2017 15:24

    nice dude

    noobda avatar
    24 august 2017 21:41

    every year there's a new FIFA and PES released... soo pricey!

    Shedevil88 avatar
    25 august 2017 19:02

    they all seem the same to me!

    julian_sibaldi avatar
    26 august 2017 03:00

    FIFA and PES were amazing at first... But then they made this game so stupid. Added some good stuff like BAL mode or some cool stuff. But nothing will beat PES6 and FIFA07.

    red_hat_ocelot avatar
    28 august 2017 03:18

    pro evo all the way