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    (4.53/5) 17 rates
    mrshift01, 12 december 2018 22:02

    Farming Simulator 19 - Review

    Farming Simulator 19

    I've never played the Farming Simulator . Nevertheless, I earn my little passion for simulation games (I adore Euro Truck Simulator).
    I've been intrigued for some time by the popularity of the Farming Simulator series.
    This year, the same year, sales are better than some of the more famous franchises in the game world so I decided to investigate what is happening - why are people so stuck in simulating the farmer's life?

    After spending several hours with Farming Simulator 19, I have no idea what the hole is. I understand this about the romanticization of farming life. And I respect the idea that something can be learned through the game. After all, the farmer's life teaches a man of patience, caring and gratitude. Numerous games, from Harvest Moona to Stardew Valley, have shown interesting facts in interesting ways.

    "Despite the success of previous games, Farming Simulator 19 was reluctant to thank the players."

    Farming Simulator 19 is devoid of such interest. Most of his romance is found in modern massagers. The game has so far been the most model of tractors, combines and other vehicles. John Deere has the first time ever! I admit that all these vehicles are fine. The car model is not super bad, but it is not realistic either.

    The same goes for the whole game. While the treatment of plants here may be called a somewhat realistic procedure, much is what breaks the illusion of this virtual world - from walking on water, passing through traffic poles to empty streets where there is no cramp of life. I do not expect the vividness of the city to be the main aspect of the farm simulation, but I do not want to feel like I'm in the world. The original Farmville had more charm and soul than this.

    Things get a little better when you turn on the radio, sit in a combine and go to work. Because the job definitely has more than before, this year should weigh weeds or treat it if it has already caught the stomach. If you are afraid of this extra work, beware of this gameplay option. Generally, Farming Simulator 19 is quite flexible with weight settings, sometimes quite generous with the budget that gives you a new start for farmers.

    What worries me most is that playing is not suggestive, so the idea of building a farm empire is left to the player. This is the kind of game where no one will tell you what you can do and how to get there. You can work under contract, and you have more branches in the economy (farming, livestock, etc.) at your disposal. However, without some story and without any context gameplay, with all these great opportunities quickly became tedious.
    New players in Farming Simulator 19 will receive almost no welcome.

    The game is set so that the most common motive is to have as much processing surface as possible, as many processing vehicles, breeding animals and as much money as possible to cover it all. You can not handle all these fields yourself, so leave your gameplay on helper helpers who are not always the most intelligent.

    I do not say that it might not be interesting, for example, if something dynamic - a type of change in weather conditions - took place during processing. Do you know how weather conditions are crucial when living "from the earth"? The Farming Simulator has not yet been able to simulate different weather conditions for a whole series of years. The gameplay dynamics in the world are created by yourself so you jump from work to work, from washing the tractor to riding.

    "The horse riding news does not just work here but your horse increases the shape on which you can sell it more expensive."

    If you've enjoyed gameplay like this in previous years, I do not see why you're disappointed in the Farming Simulator. 19. The stick is terrible to use because of similar shades of color for sown crops and soil conditions. Instead of having all the required information for the observed field in one popup window when the player calls this folder, the player must play the detective and look left to the right to defragment what color it signifies.

    The game has a few tutorials that teach the player basic field mechanics, and when the actual gameplay starts, you're still feeling lost with the question: what now? This is my main complaint to the Farming Simulator 19 because the manufacturer did not do anything about bringing the game closer to the players with the huge millions of earnings from previous games. Instead, they decided to populate the graphics improvement. I do not know how they looked like the previous games in the series, this looks solid and nothing more than that.

    I believe that the modding community is a significant part of the Farming Simulator so it is possible that the game will be repaired with some modifications around which I have no idea. Keep in mind that it is probably not all so black or ugly as in my text. But if you think Farming Simulator is a global phenomenon based on your unquestionable quality - I'll tell you first that this is not the case.

    Rate this article Farming Simulator 19 - Review

    (4.53/5) 17 rates


    nice work!

    17 december 2018 18:17

    good article

    14 december 2018 00:21

    Good job!!!!!!

    15 december 2018 16:44

    Very nice game

    5 march 2019 16:58

    Not too bad.

    12 december 2018 22:47

    Good game

    16 march 2019 12:41

    The structure is a bit weak but nice job overall

    12 december 2018 22:19


    17 december 2018 08:50

    this game is good

    14 december 2018 10:19

    Not bad

    14 december 2018 11:06