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    (4.67/5) 3 ratings
    noobda, 6 november 2017 19:56

    Fallout Shelter [Steam] - Review and Guide

    Fallout Shelter is a simulation game from the renowned game developer Bethesda Game Studios, this is their simulation game but its free-to-play game. Yes, this is free on steam, yet has some micro transactions to help the developers though...

    This game is all about the management system that involves in the game, and the construction of the rooms in the game itself, just a clicker game that requires brain usage a bit. This game is developed not only for PC{steam} version but also for Andriod and  iOS, xbox one too... This game is released in June 2015 but for steam it came out this year, 2017 in March... 

    Read along for some of the most interesting things about this management simulation f2p game

    Fallout Shelter

    reminds us about the most popular AAA titile, Fallout 4 but its far away not similar to it in any means... But it has some of the characters from the game Fallout 4, which will make the game even more interesting, there are weapons that are similar to in fallout 4 but in an indie style, ofcourse as this is a simulation game....

    About the game:

    The game Fallout Shelter was released to PC on March 2017, i.e this year. This was a famous game on android which took a leap to iOS and later on it came to xbox one too. Now, lets go through some steam statistics about the game:

    • Single-Player
    • Very positive Reviews
    • Bethesda Game Studios developers
    • Has Trading Cards [you have to buy them all, they won't drop upon playing as this game is a free-to-play game...]
    • Post-apocalyptic Simulation game that has 35 Steam Achievements, and I have to mention that most of the achievements are a bit tougher to achieve as it requires you to get to a certain level and xp before you get out doing quests in the game
    • Did I mention about Full Controller Support? yes, this game has that, you now no longer need that mouse to bang out whenever you need to scroll up/down, you can use the analog stick
    • Has Steam Cloud Saves, a deal breaker that a small free-to-play game has this feature, by the way this is a game developed by the giant of the gaming companies, the Bethesda...
    • Has steam stats, might be useful if you have friends playing the this game to compare


    The game somehow looks like this, but this is after you work around and get to know the game to a certain level... Let me explain the game to a certain level. The game has some people called 


    , they have certain 


    known as 


    where each letter stands for a certain ability, I'll explain some of them right now, the persons or dwellers with a lot of 


    harisma are more likely to attract other gender dwellers and make babies with them inturn keeping them happier for the work around. And there are just three things you need to keep the vault running and those three are:

    1. Electricity or Power

    2. Food

    3. Water

    Yep, these are the three resources you need to keep the vault running in good health, well those are in a particular order, if you loose power then you'll loose electricity in certain rooms where  you'll be preparing food, which results in the loss of the food, and water. So, make sure you never run out of power even in desperate times...

    There is an option to rush the process to get the resources immediately but that requires 


    uck with the dwellers, only some of them have that. By doing that you can collect some 


    which are helpful in building new rooms and unlocking new things which are basically done by having more dwellers in your vault. Its always a good thing to keep 2 dwellers with more 


    and weapons equipped at the 


    door in order to prevent out siders and random uninvited guests in to vault. Those guys just damage the vault and vault's resources resulting in the death of the dwellers in the worst case senario, and that happened to me, there's no other option than to earn more caps and then revive them using those caps, which is the most difficult task in the game, so be sure you don't loose the dwellers....

    There is gym and many other rooms in the vault to be constructed and keep the dwellers in the particular rooms to get more outcome from the dwellers. Ther are a lot of rooms that require many dwellers alive in your vault...

    Did I mention that there are quests in the game, which look something like the above picture, you have to  have some pre-requisite things you should own before starting a quest, so make sure you collect all the stuff that you find....

    Sometimes in the rooms you'll get into trouble while preparing what not, you'll get radical roach infestation which will then spread from room to room, you should be able to prevent by equipping appropriate weapons to the dwellers there. And some times there are fire accidents which cause chaos and turns out if you don't put it out soon then you get your dwellers in a great trouble and they eventually die, yes they need to be revived again spending a lot of caps to get them back....

    And after playing the game for like 50 hrs, or some people like to call it, 

    wasting 50 hrs of precious time 

    donig nothing important, you'll vault looks something like this. Don't worry you'll get everything in the game without buying any DLC or any other starter packs, you'll start to know about the eventually. Do watch out for Lunch Boxes  as its like opening Cases in CSGO which here give super awesome things, don't buy them, they'll eventually get to you when you complete missions and quests....

    Ok, this is all about the basics on how to start the game 

    Fallout Shelter

    and a small review about the free-to-play game on Steam on PC, this game is available to only PC Windows, not available on Linux and MAC as of now on Steam, it may arrive soon but as of today only windows...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Fallout Shelter [Steam] - Review and Guide

    (4.67/5) 3 ratings


    Im playing very nice.

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