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    hesamjalili372, 1 december 2018 16:04

    Everything you need to know about Battlefield V

    Everything you need to know about Battlefield V

    Battlefield 1 was one of the titles we could play for years and do not get tired. In a battle with a long-standing enemy, it's always hard to tell the winner if you want to, but of course, it's not at all about making cool moments. Particularly, the fictional part of the game in the latest edition narrates the most critical of the global warfare situations, so that it remains more or less memorable than before. Still, the leg of the game was not dry yet, but Dies decided to build Battlefield V. The goal was to naturally optimize previous experiences in a new way to re-engage in drumming competition. Now that we are close to the release of this title, it's time for the mass destruction machine enthusiasts to prepare ourselves to draw conclusions with the magnifying glasses of the puzzle.

    Battlefield V, just like its brothers, wants to make the whole stone. The rich and prolific online section of the game is coming back to work and I can safely say that this time we witness a much more professional experience than before. Different styles and classes of the game are all ready, and there are almost eight different maps for the game, each of which somehow surprises you. Personalization has gone to a higher level, and the destructiveness of the game has multiplied. What's really true is that the new Battlefield series game likes to endure all the previous members of the family in the worst case scenario! And it's quite obvious that the features of the upcoming performance are on the Battlefield 1 positive points. Of course, he has taken many of his good points from the previous version. Such as the precision in designing maps and environmental dynamics, degradability, and various classes for struggle that need to be scrutinized.

    Other cool tips from Battlefield 1 include the fascinating story line. Undoubtedly, it was a particular storytelling style that displayed the environment very beautifully. But the real problem was the short story of the game. We did not really feel like we had six hours in total. In any case, the superb gaming space and the gray and little characters worked, much to the story of the game personality. The good news is that we can again experience new stories in Battlefield V, and the bad news is that this experience is still a short while! Even shorter than the previous version. In the Battlefield V game, we will see five pieces of story line, each of which, like the previous game, has its own narratives. In the following, we will get a little more detailed in them.

    In general, the game's fictional format has five sections, called Prolouge, Nordlys, Tirailleur, Under No Flag, and The Last Tiger respectively. The creators described the game's fictional, fresh, and, of course, audible, stages. Strange stories that few people heard and did not have any title, or did not want to mention them in the past. We do not know about the correctness of the historical sources of these stories, but what can be understood from these tales is the interest of the team members in telling stories and paying special attention to them. This shows us that in Battlefield V, we do not have to look at the story mode of the game, just like practicing for multiplayer, and that's more important than that.

    The initial stage of the game, in fact, is a prelude to all the experiences that you will have in front of this section. Like most games, in this section, you learn more how to interact with the world of the game and make the most of it. It does not seem that the opening of this stage is as attractive and lovely as the other stages, but it should not be doubted as necessary.


    In the Nordlys stage, the most important events begin. You are a Norwegian soldier who fights for his homeland. The occupants sharpened their teeth to capture the country, and now your eyes do not see anything other than success. On the other hand, there are several mysterious shipments that are very influential in the fate of work. As time goes by, you'll be more closely connected to the character of the game, and of course the good spatialization of the series will still show itself. Norwegian snowy and beautiful environment and the use of stealth elements have made this part more beautiful.


    In Tirailleur, you are reviewing the experiences of a Senegalese soldier. At a time when the French served the Senegalese soldiers to fight. The story of this section is narrated fluently. It will constantly move in the memories of the person. This section is perhaps one of the most beautiful of all your experience. Because it's one of the rarest!

    In the fourth part, we must accompany a special group of England who are trained and professional! You are in the role of a prisoner who has been sitting in London for a long time, but suddenly decides to rise up to his home and join the SBS group!

    In the last part, however, maybe the most shocking and fascinating part of this whole storyboard! Where you play the memories of a German commander in the final days of the war. The one who now finds his country loser, and it's unclear how much the interesting and, of course, incredible, bitter scene inside it is. It should be noted that this episode will be officially available after two weeks of the release of the game!

    But after reviewing the game's story line, because of the preview (!) We should look at perhaps the most important and most popular part of the game - the multiplayer section! As it was said at the beginning of the article, it is highly expected that this multiplayer experience and experience will be much broader and more valuable than before, which looks exactly the same. In general, the multiplayer template can be divided into two large parts. One Grand Operations that narrates the great wars of the day and the other eight generic multiplayer modes!

    In Grand Operations, the two teams must experience a full-blown war in three large maps for three days. This section is a good reminder of the depths of the strange wars of that era. There was no chance for even breathing. In fact, every day means a run, and if the two teams equal in the first two days, the work will be on the fourth day, in the fourth round, there will be no additional force other than the soldier's arms! The remarkable point of this section is somehow close to its reality. Namely, if a team succeeds for two days in succession, naturally, the team's ammunition and manpower will be lower and there will be more difficult conditions for the enemy to deal with. This section only joins the original game within a few days of publication.

    Now let's look at the eight multiplayer sections that are not bad!

    Domination is really awesome for fans of competing titles! In this case, the two teams are in the opposite position, which no longer have access to any vehicle or modernity, and each player must fight in terms of his skill, power, intelligence and speed, and precisely any team that There are more players in this way, the more chance they will win.

    In the breakthrough, the map of the game is divided into different parts that both teams must fight to capture and capture the ranges. Unlike the previous section, this part is more dependent on teamwork, and any team that can capture more range has a greater chance of winning. This mode is one of the best modes available in the entire series. Because the player's activity will be much higher, and the elimination of the enemy's attacks, instead of attacking, will make the game very intense.

    Airborne is basically a lot different. Players descend with the umbrella of the plane (the reason for naming!) And they have to destroy some of the important equipment of the enemy and even force them to retreat.

    Conquest, which is actually the beard of the crowd, has long been in the series. In this section, 64 people, with all the equipment and facilities, try to get points from the game and try to get game privileges from the enemy. Any team that loses more points is a loser.

    Final Stand is very similar to the fourth day in the Grand Operations section. In this section, each player has one and only one box available, and if the player is deceased, he will not be born again! In this regard, if you are looking for a realistic battle in the world of world war, this is the best option for you! Of course, if you are injured, there is still the possibility of using medics and supporters!

    In the Frontlines mode, a line is drawn to the team that connects them to the enemy's headquarters. Players have to seize these paths in order to eventually reach the main headquarters by victory in the sub areas, and start the main battle! Full of stress and tension!

    Team Death match everyone else knows! There is a situation in most multiplayer games, and in this section, only the most important thing is to go ahead and kill, and any team that slaughters better will win!

    Combined Arms is a new up-and-up mode in which players must perform specific missions and stand against an army of enemies! And, of course, it will be one of the hardest.

    The Battle Royale division, which is called Firestorm, is also available to players and fans altogether in March of this year. Criterion Games, which is also a maker of Need for Speed titles, is also responsible for developing this section. The Battle Royale mode supports 64 players in four teams. Similar to the similar games, the Fiery Circle is a game of players that over time will get closer to them and make the situation more critical. Players must strive to last until the last seconds and be the last! In this section, the one that makes more appealing is the very same efficient and efficient vehicles that will definitely give you more pleasure!

    We mentioned above that the game has eight different maps, each with its own weather and its own theme. For example, the fascinating theme of France, and the snowy areas of Norway, as well as parts of Africa, and even more so, will all be available to enthusiasts. The dynamic climate that we are going to experience in each of these countries and cities and regions is unique in the game.

    Precision in detail, according to the creators, is extremely high and will surprise the players. For example, game makers say they have tried to make the maps of the Netherlands, flawless and the Norwegian and French parts, just like the historical pictures of that period. It's not just that, and Dice members have promised to offer new parts in the future with a variety of themes.

    Now, if we look at the subject a little bit smaller, we should also refer to personalities and classes. The basics, support, Riccans, and Medics are our four standard classes with which we have an approximate acquaintance. Pilot and tank classes, which are related to tanks and airplanes, are also sideways to enjoy the game more and more. New significant features have been added to each of these classes, and the Salt and Medic Group has added new weapons and exchanges between the two. Which apparently both will benefit the game and balance in the struggles.

    Another great attraction in the Battlefield V game is that it does not lead to personalization in the selection of the class! After selecting the class, the player must now go to the rolls roll. Covers rolls are basically boosters in other multiplayer titles that make you grow and use your skills in a variety of areas. For example, if you are a backup, you can increase your ability to repair by using a type of camcorder and thus have more efficiency for the team. These rolls, if chosen by the team in harmony and thought, will produce great results and multiply the strength of the team. In the other rolls, even non-medical players can revive their supporters, or they can quickly rebuild damaged areas.

    In this title, however, a more personalized game than the past, the ability to personalize the character, beyond the mere weaponization of personalization and limited coverage, is limited! You can even access the long list of new features and apply your taste in the game, even in appearance. Just above all, after the release, you'll even be able to personalize the vehicles, which is another interesting step that has been taken. Fortunately, in the Battlefield V game, we see that all of the extensions and features that will come into play in the future are free and there is no need to buy them. This is another advantage to the enthusiasts, and it is considered to be the work of the creators. And the other good thing is that in addition to the virtual currency that buys and upgrades the effective equipment in the game, there is also a real currency, which is only for the purchase of decorative items and will not have any effect on the game. . It's a pleasure to see that at least in this game, we will not see the presence of monetary items.

    Rate this article Everything you need to know about Battlefield V

    (4.31/5) 42 rates


    Wow good job

    17 may 2019 19:33

    this game is realy fun

    21 april 2020 15:52

    good job and nice artical about Battlefield V

    24 november 2019 14:47

    not bad

    9 december 2018 12:40

    apart from what red_hat_ocelot said, I'd say it's acceptable

    1 december 2018 20:43

    It's okay, but not well structured

    2 december 2018 13:39

    good work

    20 december 2018 13:27

    apart from what red_hat_ocelot said, I'd say it's acceptable

    22 march 2020 20:49

    is nice

    14 december 2018 18:35

    and you need a bunch of money to buy it

    7 december 2020 15:45