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    (4.57/5) 23 rates
    mahooo9, 1 december 2018 15:54

    Darksiders III review

    After six years break Darksiders 3 returns its action series to life in never challenging the dress with some brand new models.

    • Darksiders 3 is an action-adventure game that puts us in the role of the rider of the apocalypse - Fury. In an action that takes place before the events in the previous games, we will explore the early period of the apocalypse in order to win the personification of seven deaths. The game is exclusively single-player format.
    • The game returns us back to the early phase of the apocalypse and puts it into the role of Fury. Her task is to establish a cosmic balance and to exterminate the seven deadly sins that hunt down the devastated Earth. The nurse rider, like her brothers, is walking the cliché of swords. Although the story ends up as a character, most characters during the game are threatened by decapitation or similar physical violence. The most interesting moments of her story happen in the very end of the game that actually serves as a sequel to the sequel. Everything before that is a repetition of the previous games, so Fury will also deal with the discovery of the conspiracy behind the premature apocalypse. By the way, you will encounter some of the famous characters of the fans and visit every corner of the connected world.
    • The game does not strive for photorealism, but looks like a stylized graphic like a cartoon movie. Although quality is average, what sets it apart is an interesting design of the characters and the environment that the series has always been able to boast. This is particularly true of large open spaces and grand buildings that leave impressive impressions. The game is full of optional locations that will often reward you with a useful item or punish you with a tough opponent.
    • Darksiders 3 is graphically featured in open locations, lavish buildings and well-designed characters.
    • The bulk of the game and the most convincingly the biggest change in the story comes from the struggle and vulnerability of the main character. When you first jump between seemingly weak enemies for the first time expecting similar results as in previous games - a surprise awaits you. The weaker opponents will kill you in just a few strokes, while the bigger and the boss opponents will usually be enough to kick 90% of your health. It does not regenerate automatically, but killing your enemy is a full feat called Nephilim's Respite that you are then treated with.
    1. The change is what could disappoint many fans of the series since there is no sense of power that you had playing like Rat and Death. On the other hand, the challenge that the game puts on players is often the main source of entertainment. Killing the enemy with Fury's blade is extremely satisfying, and more so opponents and bosses do not serve as distraction as a new moment in the story, but as a full-fledged obstacle that will punish any of your lack of caution.
    2. The fight relies on the skill of the player, and when it works properly, the main source of fun in the game.
      Timely avoidance of an attack that opens up the possibility of a powerful counterattack here is of crucial importance, and Fury also has certain abilities and an ultimate form that will at least facilitate the conflict with hordes of rays and hell. In this respect, Goku has a new hair styling competitor since Fury during the game unlocks as many as four different shapes that completely change its visuals. Except they look great, each one comes with different offensive capabilities but also opens up a different way of moving around the world and helps solve puzzles. The latter below fall into another plan, are very simple and actually serve to break the monotony of the constant of the fight.
      Fighting against a large number of opponents negatively affects the performance of the game, which is by no means good since cautious timing of avoidance is required.
      The weight of the game is often caused by a combination of poorly implemented mechanics and technical difficulties that lead to frustration.
      In moving to many locations, you will not be able to help view the map that this time did not appear. Instead, you only have an indication of the general direction in which the next big boss is located. Although the game initially gives you the impression that you will be able to access them in the order in which you will, ultimately, certain areas lock you behind obstacles that you can not bypass until you unlock the aforementioned Furyine form. The next problem that opens is an uneven distribution of opponent's weight - which would be personally understandable when it comes to the game of an open world.
      Ultimately, Darksiders 3 is a highly focused action experience that I would describe as a faster and more accessible version of Dark Souls. On the one hand, I feel satisfied with the fact that this franchise continues to live, while on the other hand I am sorry for the lack of innovation and a kind of regression in terms of the game range. It's often talked about and the different game mechanics seem poorer than in the previous section, which is far superior to me in view of all of the above. I would even use that tiring saying that for each step forward in relation to the predecessors, Darksiders 3 takes two steps back. For fans of the series, it is still an inevitable reading. For the rest, just an average action game.


    Rate this article Darksiders III review

    (4.57/5) 23 rates


    thats alot of effort in this

    2 december 2018 10:22

    I don`t like games like this game because these games are so complicated and not understantable

    3 december 2018 16:58

    Relatily good article for a great game

    26 march 2019 00:51

    Good job

    7 december 2018 03:08

    I've this is a popular game, gotta try it one day. good article!

    1 december 2018 20:42

    I'd say it's good enough to be approved

    2 december 2018 13:46