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    (4.24/5) 38 rates
    yazdan, 2 july 2019 10:37

    E3 2019 Mobile Games

    The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019, on this event publisher of the video games, presented new and upcoming products to the attendees. Plus, on this E3 they also announced some new mobile game, let's review them. 

    Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad


    Although everyone was waiting impatiently for Ubisoft to announce new Splinter Cell on 2019 E3 instead Ubisoft announced a new mobile game "Tom Clancy's Elite Squad" with sam fisher on its characters, Sam Fisher, the character that all of the Tom Clancy's fans recognize, an elite soldier from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. Tom Clancy's Elite Squad is a role play shooting game, you can choose your team from famous characters of tom clancy, rainbow six and division. More details will be available on the website (Click Here).

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered


    For those who are unfamiliar with this game, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, a role-playing game that was released 2003. Now the remastered version is going to release with new graphics, gameplay and multiplayer section. This mobile game will be released in 2019 winter.

    War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


    A derivative version of the mobile game "Final Fantasy Brave Exvius". A tactical role-playing game, no more information about gameplay revealed from its trailer, however, the game will be released on east countries first. The story of the game is about A great war, War of the Visions, between the five realms of Leonis, Hour, Fennes, Wezette and Crystal Sanctum in the Land of ARDORA.

    SaGa: Scarlet Grace Ambitions


    It was a piece of interesting news when we discovered the remastered version of "Romancing SaGa 3" and "SaGa: Scarlet Grace Ambitions" are on the building process. Better visual effects and graphics and also some new gameplay will be added to these games, sadly there is no more information about these games, just a little announcement for fans.

    Sonic at the Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020


    If you are a fan of Sonic, also if you enjoy Olympic games and you are so patient to wait until 2020 then SEGA considers a tremendous game for you guys all, Sonic at the Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020. There is more information about this game you can check the website (Click Here), also sign up for more information.

    Gears POP


    During 2018's Microsoft conference "Gears POP" was announced to the players, now in 2019 more specific details released for players. Players should gather a team from Gears of war's characters and conquer their enemy. Designing of all playable characters is based on Funko pop characters. You can check the website for more information (Click Here).

    Sky: Children of the Light


    This game will be available on July for IOS players, you can preorder this game on AppStore (Click HERE). On this game you are playing as children of the light, your mission is to collect and return fallen stars on seven different realms.

    Stranger Things


    Stranger Things is an American horror web television series produced by Netflix, if you haven't watched it yet, I personally recommend it. During E3 2019, Netflix announced they are developing a mobile game based on this series. This game will be Free-to-play game, also a weird thing is this game is depended with Google map.

    Commander Keen


    During Bethesda conference, the new product of ZeniMax Online Studios has been announced, Commander Keen is Free-to-play cards game. Two lovely characters of this game, Billy and his twin sister Billie are always racing each other, with weird space stuff and innovations, they are trying to save the universe.

    The Elder Scrolls


    New missions and challenges for The Elder Scrolls: Blades, new patch, Elsweyr for The Elder Scrolls Online and Moons of Elsweyr patch for The Elder Scrolls Legends. Patches will be released on the end of June. All of them, include new characters new music and a new mechanism.


    Rate this article E3 2019 Mobile Games

    (4.24/5) 38 rates


    nice article dude, i really like it

    4 july 2019 05:00

    As a fan it is awesome

    16 july 2019 13:31

    great job mann

    10 july 2019 12:42

    Tom Clancy and The Elder Scroll looks dope, isnt it?

    5 july 2019 01:43

    i hope Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad will be cancelled. great article btw.

    7 july 2019 17:36

    Nice ok but ok🍕

    12 july 2019 17:06

    Good recommendations, I'll get a few of those.

    6 july 2019 03:07

    I'm grateful for the application

    6 july 2019 17:41

    Im pretty excited for elite squad! It looks really good!

    6 july 2019 07:29

    Pretty cool as a fan of the final fantasy franchise this really helps me out.

    5 july 2019 00:10