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    (4.69/5) 49 rates
    yazdan, 3 july 2019 09:45

    Dota Underlords: Review

    Dota Underlords, a new game from Valve, originally the game was an In-game mode of DotA 2.


    Quick look

    Not long ago, Valve placed "DotA Underlords on the Steam official store. In fact, the game itself is made from a DotA arcade mode named "DotA Auto Chess", DotA Auto Chess was published in early 2019 and attract the attention of so many DotA 2 players. The auto chess game is a new explanation of Battle Royale games instead, this time you are playing a mind game with one opponent to win and then you fight with another and so on. First, DotA Underlords was released for Battle pass owners and the next week public version was released on Steam, App Store, and Play store. Just to remind you, for playing DotA Underlords you need to have a Steam account which is better to create one before you install the game on your phone.



    The game has three main battle modes Online battles, AI battle, and Practice. before you even think of playing the online battles, you should head to practice mode in order to understand the mechanism of this game. when you learn what is this game about on practice mode, you can head to AI battles and challenge your strategy with AI, even if you are a good player and always win the AI, you have to aware that on the online mode people with so many different strategies are waiting for you.

    How this game is a Battle Royale?

    In the first paragraph, I was saying this game is a battle royale, What is that even mean? Eight people joining a battle, each player has a health bar of 100 Health Point, for start, two players randomly fight with each other, the winner doesn't lose any HP and wins coins as his/her rewards, and the loser loses HP. so losers punished with losing HP until they kicked out the game. The battle goes on until one player remains, this is how battle royale works.


    The game inspired by two words "Auto" and "Chess", it means you are playing a game on a Chess-like battlefield and your units are moving automatically during each battle, so you have to make arrangement before each battle starts. each card represents one hero from DotA 2, each hero has its own talent and ability, you have to read them before you start the fight. more you advance through the game more powerful cards shows in your inventory. Winning means you earn more coin and more coin means you can level up fast and gain powerful cards however if you lose you earn fewer coins and leveling up becomes harder. On some points, you will have to fight jungle monsters instead of players on these fights you can achieve some new items that can be mounted on heroes in order to boost their abilities, using these items is depend on you and can change the result of future battles with other players. Some cards have kind of relations in the battlefield, putting them together, make it possible to perform complex combo attacks.



    After valve announced that Dota Auto chess, in-game mode of DotA 2, will be separated from DotA 2 and will be a new game, suddenly developer of this game decided to sell his idea to Epic games store and within a week a new game was ready, however Dota Auto chess is so popular among DotA players and it is obvious that they would take Dota Underlords instead of Autochess.

    DotA Underlords is free to play on PC, Android, and IOS. you can directly download it from the links below:

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    Rate this article Dota Underlords: Review

    (4.69/5) 49 rates


    Screenshots with annotations helped alot! Great article! Thanks

    10 july 2019 02:19


    17 july 2019 15:21

    I played it but meh...

    5 july 2019 02:49

    Dota2 is my favourite game, good!

    9 july 2019 15:15

    nice game but its still dota 2 better

    7 july 2019 18:08

    this is fine

    12 july 2019 01:45

    nice review.

    10 july 2019 16:23

    auto chess: origin is better

    14 july 2019 20:41

    sounds pretty cool, idk if i will get it though

    5 july 2019 09:30

    Not a bad article images are a bit bland but 7/10 for effort

    6 july 2019 15:14