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    Dzsabesz, 23 june 2017 00:23

    E3 2017: Sony summary

    It must be left, Sony was able to create. He also released the titles presented last year, but really good surprises appeared to me, which for me, as a "fan of Playstation", was a delightful disappointment and joy.

    Although I could not see it on my face, as I looked at Sony's conference in practice, I was so tired. Plus, the longer I looked, the more I thought about slowly getting a PlayStation 4. So here's Sony's stuff.

    Shadow of the Colossus Remastered

    It was not the biggest blow for many, but I did because it was one of the best games of my PS2 era and I did not expect it to ever deal with this game. But still, it gets the refurbished version. Although my part is about Sony, it would only be good to have a backward compatibility like XBox, especially after this year's drumming, but it looks like we only get remastered versions that must of course be taken. But I feel this game deserves it. It's beautiful, not just simple and a great experience. In essence, the essence is that they are dropping into a world where we ride across everywhere with different great creatures, and our task is to overcome them and overcome them. Of course, the game will not take our hands, we need to find everything from ourselves.

    God of War

    Then I would go on with another favorite. Also the nostalgia from the PS2 era is my favorite games since God of War and God of War 2. It was a good experience to kick the gods as the main gods, climb the back of the gigantic titanium, where a whole hall system was located. All this was done with double chained blades and, of course, sometimes logical puzzles had to be resolved. It was a real hack 'n slash game. Now, here is the continuation of the journey from the Greek mythology to the northern snowy landscapes, to the realm of dragons, axes and giant lizards, this time in the old Kratos and his son. We like to see that we can not only see the angry, angry Kratos, but we can also see his calm, fatherly side.

    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

    If we say PlayStation, then the majority of people will come across the Uncharted series. We did not miss the good thing this year, as Lost Legacy, which started off with an upcoming DLC, became a stand-alone spin-off game. We will most likely receive what we expect from an Uncharted. Great story, unforgettable adventure, and humor. So come on.

    Detroit: Become Human

    This is an address that has been very rough to people last year. Although we did not receive the release year yet, we got a fairly clear picture of what the game is about and how important it is to make decisions. Each small decision will affect the outcome of a situation. But instead of talking to the video.

    Call of Duty: WWII

    It was expected that the new CoD will show itself at Sony's conference, since last year it had worked so badly. Too many new things we did not know, as much as they would have a significant role for Normandy, and that it would be terribly good to look at the game. Although I will not shout, after all, there will be only one more CoD, but maybe we'll get what it used to be. Special thanks to the fact that they have not announced a classic CoD remastered, which could only be bought with the new one.

    Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

    This game has also been introduced, where Capcom's heroes are playing Marvel's characters. The heroes have the task of acquiring the Infinite Stones, which is very important to overcome the greater evil. I did not move so much, but the fans are definitely there and they will be there.

    Monster Hunter World

    An interesting title, as Nintendo is the game, and is now released on PlayStation. I would say that I was completely surprised, but after Skyrim Switch and Mario + Rabbids, there was almost a kind of nintendo theme. Well, in the end, we've got this title of many episodes and I have to say that for some reason the Monster Hunter running for me is for me, I would definitely do a try.

    Days Gone

    Also a title that came last year, which came with a percussion video, this year we could learn more about it, especially the gameplay. Fortunately, there will not be a dozen games about zombies, or even supposedly not really zombies. There are here bandits, beasting beasts, bears. In addition, to achieve our goal, if we are smart, we can turn these wild creatures into the benefit of ourselves, so oh yeah, come this way.

    Horizon: Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds

    The game with huge popularity was such a success among consumers that it was inevitable to have some kind of complement to the game and we got it.

    Destiny 2

    Although not specifically PS4 will be exclusive, but it looks like Activision is now looking for partnership with Sony. In any case, a waiting address, and who chooses to take the game on Sony console, will get additional extra content. Since I did not play the previous part, I'm unfortunately not very able to add, but as many people expect, it's pretty convincing.


    As the closing of the Sony conference, we could admire the latest Spiderman game for 10 minutes, which is not bad at all. I especially like the bitter Batman games fighting game, spotted with different webs, and its mood is great. One thing I hope is that you will not be deployed with QTEs so much that it can be a bit annoying in the long run. Anyway.

    Although there were many others, I tried to gather you the most prominent ones. I've been in such a debt so much, because I would like to buy a lot of toys, I can not continue to hurt my heart. Which games do you expect the most?

    Rate this article E3 2017: Sony summary

    (4.5/5) 6 rates


    Nice article dude.

    22 november 2019 07:15

    this is nice article is all fun and amazing it has a good looking

    19 november 2019 02:25

    PS5 is coming soon!

    7 august 2019 11:40

    These upcoming games are amazing!

    15 september 2020 11:49

    It's good to know that once console exclusives are coming to PC now like Monster Hunter World, Detroit Become Human, Horizon Zero Dawn and Destiny 2.

    26 january 2020 16:55

    The article seems good though i cannot relate that much.

    6 march 2019 16:53

    anyway sony doesn't release games for PC, or does it? I'll never get to ps4

    4 september 2017 21:07

    this is nice article is all fun and amazing it has a good looking

    27 march 2019 13:44

    Sony's playstation vr is great, i just wanted to say that

    31 july 2019 19:07

    nice artical amzing info about games

    3 may 2019 17:49