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    Dzsabesz, 23 june 2017 00:45

    E3 2017: Ubisoft Summary

    Of course, Ubisoft's performance, which is a huge party every year, can not be missed this year. Although we really missed Aisha Tyler, everyone's favorite show, so there was not a bad conference. But let's look at what the French have kept us this year. There was no shortage of presentations, the fact.

    Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle:

    Honestly, it was all I did not know where to start. So I'm discussing the games in random order. The first announcement is a joint game with Nintendo, bringing Mario's world into the world of Ubisoft Rabbids. Finally, we get a small tactical game in this environment, which at first glance can be for kids, but we do not feel like playing for a little while in the game. And it would not be brutality or the like, but I do not think that the 3-year-old Józsika will think of exactly what kind of militant action he will take with Mafia and his friends to harm the evil imposter bunnies. The idea is good and I will be curious about the design.

    Far Cry 5:

    One of the games that we already know about E3 is that it will be. There have been many ways to tell that there will be something and one of them is another Far Cry. We've already got teasers for this, and now they've been re-enacted with another video and a play-out show. We have gone out of the exotic archipelago and venture into an American small town where a local sect keeps the simple people afraid. With three of our heroes we are going to kick asses, and there is also the possibility of co-operative gameplay, which might be expected of more than one character. As a great FC fan I look forward to the sequel, and besides me, I think many others.

    The Crew 2:

    Ubisoft's car game also got the sequel. Although I personally wanted to have a different place in the US instead of USA, it did not come unfortunately, so we will be going to beautify the states again. Or sailing. Or fly. Certainly, the vehicle fleet has been expanded with aviation and watercraft, which, in terms of the physics of the previous section, wonders how to implement it. At a glance, this is a little bit of Forza Horizon mumble, imitation, because we get a xXx-like gentleman who will perform a variety of extreme races and stunts to increase the visibility of the underworld competing, revengeful story. The concept is not seen for the first time, but there are some innovations that can make the game interesting. We can only hope that online gaming will be used by the creators.

    Assassin's Creed: Origins:

    The third expected announcement has brought us a compulsory new AC game every year. Contrary to the current trend, we are going to jump back a huge moment in time, even in ancient Egypt. According to the story, nothing will be said about the creation of the Assassin Brotherhood, so finally the true feeling of AC, with a hopefully great story, and a dedicated, determined character similar to Altair, will return. The most complex RPG system, and the new combat system, is a major innovation. Though I'm so pissed that some animations are familiar to me from For Honor, but we'll see more intense fighting. Plus, the ancient drone system appears in an eagle's picture, and even as I've seen, we can even reach the arrows we've been shooting to make sure it's in the finish. In addition to the demo video, we got another 20 minutes of gameplay.

    Skull & Bones:

    If you are already Assassin's Creed, remember back to Part 4, which was especially enjoyable with cruise battles. The mechanic was so successful that they made a phone game that was only focused on navigation, but it was not a big success. And now here's Skull & Bones, which shows a 5v5 boat battle. Let's say it's an Assassin's Creed World of Warships. The battle was lifted from the game, a server was put in place for 10 people and the exciting fighting started against each other. It is exciting and spectacular, though it is questionable how uneven it will be, like For Honor.

    South Park: The Fractured But Whole:

    It is true of a very-much-anticipated game about the continuation of South Park. We've got a new video from which we can only confirm that the game will not be a bit sick, bringing the series and the previous level. I do not think I should talk much about it, let's see the video.

    South Park: Phone Destroyer:

    If we did not have enough of the sick things, we got a new SP announcement right away, a game for phones. At first glance is a card game that is bundled with the battle system of the basic game. Here, then, everybody can guess his fantasy, character, characters, characters, characters, characters or characters.

    Just Dance 2018:

    New Year, new Just Dance. Fortunately, this year's LSD parade of the Ubi conference did not stop there. There was a dancing sub Zero dwarf, down and dancing fucking ghetto panda, and a stack of other non-everyday clothes dressed in dancing. Plus, Bebe Rexha, on stage, announced a Just Dance dance with a singing dance, ending up saying that the new Just Dance was coming. The fans will surely appreciate what we once again laughed a bit about the fuss that they've built around. In vain Ubi has always been able to get a good party on the stage.

    Steep: Road to the Olympics:

    Although the success of Ubisoft's snowmobile's extreme sports has not been so successful, it has come to light this year, in the face of a small expansion. When it was announced that they expanded the game, we did not know what this could be. More snow? New Mountains? Then, finally, the cloak fell, this time the winter olympic tunes were added to the game, which naturally includes additional new play modes in average skiing and snowboarding. Hopefully, this will probably pick up the title. In any case, they are very proud of it, and that's the point.

    Beyond Good & Evil 2:

    As usual, the massive toss of the performance was the very end. And we could expect a lot, but certainly not. Fifteen years after the previous episode, the second part of Beyond Good & Evil was announced. And not just the second part, but the father of the game, who was not impressed with the sound of the game. Based on the video, the game will be a relentless king, and most likely the story will not only be on a particular planet. The character of the crazy monkey turned me straight to the game. And the title of the game. It could not have been better to lock it this evening.

    Rate this article E3 2017: Ubisoft Summary

    (4.63/5) 8 rates


    No images but nice :)

    3 november 2019 15:12

    Nice article, needs pictures btw.

    13 july 2019 20:16

    that is very nice

    23 august 2019 22:58

    far cry series of ubsoft is best of best

    17 may 2019 16:42

    AC is my favorite series, but happy to see Ubisoft branching out in other genres

    15 may 2020 02:35

    this looks like a copy pasta but if its not good job

    3 september 2018 17:46

    What about Assassin's Creed? I heard a lot of people saying these games sucks... Why? I think they're cool

    14 august 2017 05:46

    many expected game appear just to let gamers down, hope that ubisoft will do better this year

    24 april 2019 19:35

    there's no image but thansk for article

    23 january 2021 10:14

    I still remember that E3 and the game that excited me the most was Beyond Good & Evil 2, it is a pity that even today it has not been released yet, I just hope it does not take even longer.

    5 may 2020 16:12