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    (3.5/5) 8 rates
    Dzsabesz, 22 june 2017 23:25


    Pro and kontra the game!

    I know that many people worry about purchasing this game because it's a monthly fee, but I'm telling you to take the basic game to get a month and try it out. If you like, you can continue, if not, then not. But believe it is worth trying if you do not, so you can see how absurd you can do a lot of things in it!
    Whoever WOW has said before, will keep thinking about it: "My dad has been so much deafened by it .. this is .. and that ..." and this is where there are plenty of unique and new ideas. You can feel the game all the time, so that you can have a lot of fun on the players.

    The addendum would say that you do not have to buy it for a long time, because in order to access the supplemental content, you must first reach level 50 and you still have to do a stack of missions, unconscious many missions.
    AND YOU WILL GET THERE ONLY after you have access to the supplemental content. The only thing you can use in the beginning is the Au Ra race, such a dragonfly. Otherwise, with patches and accessories, you also add a lot of things to the basic game, but you do not even have to buy the add-on for these extensions, so I think it's very fair.

    There are terribly many caste, frightfully many and lots of combinations of which will be the "jobs", and I call it a superhero among my friends: D And the best thing is that you can be at one time with each one in one character.
    There are no more than 20 million characters and the fear that you do not want to put that much time on another character, because you do not have to, here you can access everything with one character! It's like a talent change in Wow, but there are only two usable talents instead of 30 + .... The professions are unconscious well done, each acting as a unique caste and not doing the same with your head, you have a unique gear, each has a lot of ability, not just 1 -2, but 10+. You do not even have to worry about the bag because at the start you will get a gigantic bag with a separate quest itemes bag, separate gear bag, and more separate gear bags for all gear, separately for gloves, separately for trousers, hats.
    You even get two free aides who count as a bank, each with the same gigantic bag as you can, and even add those castles you (only one of them) and you can level up until you reach the level you are given caste. If you want to send it to angler, or let Warrior go out to kill mobs (you will not see it visually). You sell them to AH and so on.
    For FF fans, there's a Chocobo tournament, and you have to cross chocobo to get the stronger and better tournament chocobot out there. There's a card game from FF8, called Tripple Triad!

    It is a complete competition game and a complete card game, and even a full strategy game !!!!
    And there are also a lot of mini games, and I have NOT discovered half of them! I wonder when I spent hours playing cards and competitions in the amusement park, when one of my clanmen mentioned that I should not take it so much, because there would be a pile of better things ... me and what ??? : D Even better? : D
    The basic game has so much content that I do not shoot when I get to the end and I have not even started into the add-on!
    For these things and the progress it is that unconscious good rewarding the game! I can not say this differently ... simply rewards you with the game, money and experience points, rewards you if you do a quest, rewards you for the first time you made a daily quest, rewards you for the first time in that dungeon, rewards you in x dungeon You've been rewarded if you killed x monsters from that monster and you still realize that you get bonus XP apps (and I think each one is), because of the addendum there is an invisible XP bonus, which is not written in the game, Until you get the additional content, and there are a few 50s quest where you give the old reward and a bonus reward so you can start adding more content so do not be surprised if you get two identical items, but one is stronger. It's a very easy development and this makes it easy for the story to be very good, very exciting and lots of funny scenes, and the humor of the game is tremendously good! Anyone who has played with FF knows what I'm talking about! Also, if you draw your 2nd or many of your castles, you will also get an invisible XP bonus!
    There are plenty of clothes in it, with transmog and coloring options, I've never really been able to see two of the same characters in a game!
    There is housing option and death is serious, but there are more furniture than in a Sims: D

    I can endlessly indulge in the game, but in vain, by the time I go through the word I would find a thousand things that I like in the game.
    And these were just the things I liked on the day

    Rate this article FINAL FANTASY XIV Online

    (3.5/5) 8 rates


    The Tips Are Insaneeeeee

    8 march 2020 00:59

    кто тоже делает ето чтоб поднять уровень???

    10 april 2020 16:48

    Nice article

    20 july 2019 21:40

    nice artical game was awesome

    18 may 2019 18:24

    Try to add some images but this is good

    3 november 2019 15:14

    amazing article! thank you for it

    28 march 2020 18:07

    Thanks !Helped me too much !

    25 january 2020 23:25

    I wonder why there are that many games... They might start releasing one every year like the FIFA

    24 february 2018 21:14

    Thank you for this very informative work.

    19 november 2019 02:25

    Good luck in all your endeavors!!

    17 january 2019 00:14