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    yazdan, 4 february 2019 18:19


    "sorry to post it again, the article got rejected for the first time because of some grammatical mistakes and for the second time for the technical issue."
    NEWS about the new season MMR, exact amounts of MMR for each medal and the new event.

    Dota2: NEWS

    The new season of Rank is now available on Dota2, all the players hope to reach higher medals on this 10 Calibration matches however valve smash our hopes and shout a big "NO" to all of us. the exact MMR of each medal is shown on this picture, after adding 2 more stars to each medal the players now should fight even more to pass each stage and get higher MMR. Players always blame valve for not being honest to them about how MMR is given to each player on each match but as we know WINNING each match has the most important impact on MMR although some believe that Gold Per Minutes and XP Per Minutes is also played role in this MMR giving. The best case here is to win all 10 Calibration matches and hope that the system gives you the best medal you deserve. The best advice to you guys is to play the heroes you know, and try to keep up with your team and plan for them if they can't and fight smarter, it is the key to victory in each game but keep this one thing from "do NOT blame your teammates, try to teach them patiently"


    Now let's move on to the new Bloom event, like Frosthaven 2018 event, the event consists of levels with each win on normal(rank or AP) you will receive +200points, winning for the first time each day gives you +1250points. By collecting 1000points you will reach a higher level and get specific prizes. On the first level, a New Bloom 2019 Consumables Bundle will be gifted to you that contained items that can be used in-game, only during this event. You can purchase from the DOTA Plus store for a limited time with 750 shards.

    By starting this event and also new season, DOTA2 hits the first rank in Top Games by current players on the first day of the event.

    Let's check out the prizes first by tickets, the coolest prize in these prizes is the gift ticket(Gift a Wheel Spin). By gifting this ticket to your friends, your friend can spin the wheel and have a higher chance to win the grand prize of this event. Speaking of the grand prize, an adorable tiny courier is the grand prize of this event(Nain Courier). Maybe you say "so what the hell I'm gonna do with this?" the answer is, these couriers are super rare to drop, and they are immortal items, immortal items can be sold on the steam market, and for their rarity, they will cost a lot of real money. So, the chance to drop this immortal item is low, let's check out other prizes, you can see all the prizes in these pictures below, sets are more common to drop, couriers and announcers are uncommon and treasures are rare to drop.





    In my opinion, the best reward you can get from these spinning wheels is the treasures, the best scenario is the immortal courier, let's see the best treasures you can get and the best types of equipment you can get from these spinning wheels. New Bloom 2019 event is running from February 1 to February 11, 2019. All the items can't be sold in the steam market and not tradable, only immortal item(courier) is marketable or tradable.

    "Hurry up and collect your rewards and gift your friends the best thing any Dota2 player wants."

    Happy lunar new year 2019

    Rate this article DOTA2: NEWS

    (4.36/5) 25 rates


    Once a friend suggested this game to me, but I never really took that option to play it, I don't get my attention.

    12 september 2019 05:20

    not that bad, but not that good :/

    17 november 2019 10:20

    I don't know what to play but this sounds like a fun game keep doing more Aricles

    13 december 2019 00:27

    not bad very good

    7 april 2019 18:00

    good article!😁

    23 march 2019 08:25

    nice game and very good article

    11 november 2019 21:06

    good game

    13 march 2019 04:51

    I don't know what to play but this sounds like a fun game keep doing more Aricles

    18 october 2019 21:33

    Umm, has this already been posted? Nvm, it's good so it's accepted

    4 february 2019 19:41

    it is good article, but, i really want gamehag.com to create a news section, it will make article become fully for game

    5 february 2019 18:26