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    Do you know Don't Starve Together
    hello today i will be talking about another survivor game called don't starve together

    Don't Starve Together is a cruel game whose goal is to survive as long as possible. The game has a gothic atmosphere, something that gives it a special touch, also has an animation infantilized, but make no mistake, there is nothing friendly in the universe of this game. Don't Starve Together, unlike the first, brought what was lacking in its predecessor: the multiplayer; Something that can be both good and bad, because if it is already difficult to keep a character alive, imagine two ...

    The game is set in a vast world, always being generated with each new game, full of animals (fierce or not) and natural resources, and it is in this environment that the player must survive, using everything he can find to stay alive . There are a huge variety of items present in the game and various combinations to be made through craft; There are varied characters to play, each with its advantages and weaknesses, as well as Wilson and his beard; Wolfgang, with his strength above average, but afraid of the dark; Wendy, who has her sister's ghost as an ally, but has less damage than other characters.

    Gameplay: The gameplay is very simple and fluid, it is the basis of point and click, however, you can also use the keyboard.

    Graphic: The graphic of the game is simple, but very detailed and well designed, you will feel in a world created by Tim Burton. The world changes according to the time and the season, that is, in addition to what is already created, the changes happen as the days go by. Light effects are another high point of the game and work perfectly with the proposed atmosphere, as well as the hours of the day, the weather (sun, rain, cold) and the seasons (summer, winter, etc.).

    Soundtrack: A point of the game that sins, is the lack of sound, of course the game is survival and what must be heard is the sound of the environment, however I believe that the characters should speak and not make the sound of a horn ; In the game there is only one soundtrack in the menu and as said before, the sounds of nature or even the equipment created.

    Don't Starve Together is a great acquisition, a simple but extremely addictive game, with each death you will be frustrated, but want to go further. Recommended, worth every penny paid! Note: 9.5

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    (4.17/5) 6 rates
    SlipknotFare avatar
    25 september 2017 15:25

    I love game

    erayalpers avatar
    25 september 2017 20:25

    New version is shipwrecked.thats so cool

    ikhsanbm7 avatar
    26 september 2017 10:10

    . . . ..... a

    dracindo avatar
    26 september 2017 12:06

    I can see why people like this game, I just don't think it's my cup of tea.

    erayalpers avatar
    26 september 2017 15:55

    I love dont starve

    DmanHUN avatar
    26 september 2017 18:33

    i played this gae on my phone :D

    XDKILLER avatar
    27 september 2017 01:12

    great game

    LucasR52 avatar
    27 september 2017 01:14


    unknownWW avatar
    27 september 2017 07:39

    this is soo fun to play with friends, and just meeting people

    MrRiddick avatar
    1 october 2017 16:21