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    (4.12/5) 17 rates
    Mrdox, 3 december 2018 13:09

    Death’s Gambit

    Death's Gambit was one of the independent developers' games that drew attention to it when it was announced in 2015 and compared it to a mix between Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus. And finally, after three years, we'll see if it deserves all that attention.

    The story puts you in the role of Sorun the soldier who died and "Death" brought him back to life on a mission to end the curse of "immortality" that spread in the kingdom and during this task you are trying to find out what happened to your father who was one of the soldiers who participated in the war that took place a few years ago when you were young In age, the story is there to justify what you are doing most of the time and there are not many details or surprises within them and you will expect the end and the identity of some characters that will reveal the end of the game very early as the story is very traditional and nothing special.

    The game uses graphics similar to classic games and the overall appearance of the game is beautiful but tires suffer from uneven performance. Sometimes the game works smoothly and at 60 frames. Here is the aesthetic of classic graphics. Everything looks smooth but you will often feel that you are playing a game. Classic Although not so bad but annoying and with a technically humble appearance you expect a smooth and steady performance, on the audio level the game offers beautiful tunes while you are moving in the world and another enthusiast in combat but nothing special or unusual here, the characters you will meet in the world of the game got the representation of her voice without the presence of an audio representation of the character of the hero, but the representation of the voice has been for many texts and did not in some of the confusion sometimes and make you make sure your sound settings.

    The game experience is the experience of platforms and action elements of RPG games where you develop strength, endurance, intelligence and other things to cope with the increasing difficulty and new challenges you face during progress and the game here depends much on your personal level than the power of the same weapon where the presence of weapons rely on Power is heavy weapons and our light and unusual weapons require perfection while magic weapons require intelligence. The more one is developed, the more damage you do to the opponent and the possibility of developing your weapons as well.

    The game has changed a lot since its first appearance in terms of overall appearance and artistic direction, and that is fine, but some were waiting for confrontations with leaders similar to the large games of Shadow of the Colossus, some of which appeared in the old game shows and those confrontations are not here and will occupy only one similar, The leaders in the game offer an excellent challenge and will not be difficult but necessarily fun, where you will find each new leader to progress more difficult than the previous with the improvement of your skills and your return to the control system and each leader has a set of attacks of his own and you follow up to know the best strategy to avoid and .

    There are books scattered around the world of the game you can collect to give you a brief overview of the background of each leader and each book you find you will get reward for your desire to explore where you will cause five percent of the additional damage against the leader of each book you find and the fact that each leader has only two books will suffer additional damage by 10% maximum, you will be able after the defeat of the leaders to re-confront the option of Heroic where the leader becomes stronger and a few direct strikes may be able to eliminate you, it is unfortunate that the types of leaders who were a cause of attention to the game did not exist in the final product as Play Does not actually do anything that makes it different from other games of the same type.

    About 10 hours will be enough to finish the game for the first time and after completion you can return with the option of New Game + where the leaders will be more challenging and there will be more enemies in the world and you can cancel your contract with death (not required to end the game to do this) which will make you lose all Something you have done after death for the first time and these two options for those who want to experience more difficult and no more, which will not often push you to re-experiment where you do not feel the value of returning it again, in the end Death's Gambit provided a good experience no more modest content and although it is enjoyable only They do not offer Anything that distinguishes it from others.

    - This game has been reviewed with a custom PC version.

    - Rate: 6.5


    Rate this article Death’s Gambit

    (4.12/5) 17 rates


    yooo it kinda looks like dark souls but for ds but it still looks good

    27 december 2020 17:19

    again platform game

    28 december 2018 13:16

    Interesting concept for a game

    7 december 2018 11:17

    truly a masterpiece and with its new DLC releasing soon probably my favourite game ever

    18 august 2020 16:24

    Nice game but it's now old

    7 december 2018 22:29