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    (4.6/5) 20 rates
    fanus47, 2 december 2018 23:03


    PS: This is a Resubmit because the first was rejected by users, i think because it had missing videos(feature broken in gamehag). so please accept

    Two years after making a convincing comeback in Hitman (2016) , Agent 47 is coming out of retirement. IO Interactive and Warner, the new publisher of the franchise, take the opportunity to refine a formula that has proven itself. The famous videogame assassin is back in action in an adventure simply titled Hitman 2 . Take care ... death always strikes twice.


    ... in his hands he holds the world. "The most feared of the assassins is back and invites you to follow him to the four corners of the globe.Hitman 2 is synonymous with bloody road trip and Agent 47 sees the country. from Mumbai in India to a beach in New Zealand, passing through a typical American suburb and a Colombian village ... six new destinations ensure a total and constant change of scenery.These places of life swarm with passers-by, native people vacant with their occupations and are wide enough to push for exploration and to give the taste of discovery.

    Far from slapping a technical and graphic slap, Hitman 2 does not deviate from the trajectory taken by his elder. This episode focuses on rich environments and a solid engine to build levels and breathe life. However, the Danish studio has partially revised its copy by improving lighting effects that are now dynamic and by densifying the sets via multiple elements arranged here and there. Two glaring destinations of truth abound in detail and stand out from the game. Nevertheless, the "plastic" rendering of human beings as well as the rigidity of the animations detonate and reduce the impact of the visual.

    The reputation of the franchise of IO Interactive has not been made by the pen, although several episodes have in the past stand out. The scenario of the Hitman of 2016 was anecdotal and that of Hitman 2 follows suit, in spite of some flashes and a control of the codes of espionage. Agent 47 and Diana Burnwood, both ICA members, are teaming up once again to track down and eliminate the Dark Client at Providence's request. This secret organization promises in exchange for the services of the American agency to reveal the past and the origins of our hero.

    Betrayal, conspiracy and international conspiracy join forces in this story inspired by the great sagas of film, literature and video games genre. The staging shines in this case by its discretion. Several cinematics in 2D link the missions between them, to which are added introductions in 3D realized with the engine of the game. Without making spark, the new adventures of 47 want to be sober and effective like the image of its principal agent. Note that the title is available only in English subtitled French and has all the content of Hitman (2016) provided you own the episode in question or the Legacy Pack.


    After a detour through Action with Absolution , Hitman returns to the origins of the franchise by focusing on a calm and thoughtful approach to the assassination. Agent 47 blends into the background and transforms the world into a weapon. The field of possibilities has never been so vast to eliminate its neighbor as in Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 enriches the formula without distorting it. The concept does not move one iota. Parachuted into a semi-open area, our hitman tries to shoot down his targets without being spotted and tries to get those murders through to accidents.

    IO Interactive pushes vice to create several scripted deaths called target intrigues. Kill by a robot, crush under a statue, eliminate by another contractor, distant fire, electrocution ... Agent 47 is spoiled for choice to carry out his missions. Replayability and exploration are the pillars of an adventure designed to be crossed over and over again to complete the long list of challenges and assassinations available. The life can not be measured on the first run, but once each destination 100% mastered, and on this point the studio does not skimp on creativity or originality.

     Agent 47 is present in the field and is equipped with the ultimate in infiltration and assassination. To disguise, to play guards, to hide a body, to interact with the environment, to make diversion ... the game mechanics inherent to the genre meet each other. And IO Interactive refines where it's needed. Among the additions are the opportunity to camouflage themselves in the vegetation or in the crowd. But the real novelty is reflected in a mirror. Arriving in the back of an individual facing a reflective surface finally reveals your presence ... a feature far from being a gadget that contributes to the realism of situations.


    The weaknesses of the gameplay jump in spite of everything. Artificial intelligence benefits from a notable update with a suspicion-search fignole system, but suffers from some historical ills of the franchise. The memory of the guards' goldfish and their kamikaze behavior during the confrontations leave once more to be desired. And these fights, certainly secondary, still lack as much explosiveness and punch. Body animations on impact, weapon feel and cover system require many adjustments without ruining the experience.


    Hitman 2 is not stingy in content, quite the contrary. The replayability of the six missions ensures the completers dozens of hours of play and IO Interactive has not stopped in such a good way. The contract mode allows players to create and share their own missions in the heart of the 12 destinations in Hitman and Hitman 2. Simple and accessible, this level editor alone guarantees a long life , not to mention ephemeral contracts to eliminate in a given period of time as well as the Sniper mode in which Agent 47 travels to Austria with only his rifle and his three targets.

    Although codified to the extreme, Hitman 2 manages to surprise us with the way by integrating a multiplayer mode (in beta at launch), versus what is more, named Ghost. In the latter, two assassins attack the same targets in two different realities with the objective of cutting them without being spotted. Once the murder is confirmed for one of the two hired killers, the other then has only 20 seconds to complete the goal under pain of giving a point to the opponent. Then another target appears and so on. Discretion is once again the key to victory.

    The Agents 47 have the same mechanics and equipment as in the single player campaign, intrigues and other complex plans in less. Strangling, poisoning, stabbing, electrocuting ... all means are good to achieve their ends. Killers can of course borrow the identity of an NPC and make a diversion to reach their target. But beware ! This Ghost mode is governed by the same laws as the main adventure. A compromised suit becomes simply useless. This highlights the main flaw of this multiplayer, the limited number of appearances. Grilling one or more identities transforms an experience that is intense in the path of the cross.

    Rate this article HITMAN 2: AN AGENT 47 AT THE TOP OF HIS ART

    (4.6/5) 20 rates



    23 july 2019 05:42

    Hot nice

    26 december 2018 15:31

    Awsome article

    6 december 2018 10:54

    Hitman 2 is best

    20 may 2020 10:35

    This game is so awsome

    6 december 2018 10:53

    If there's more maps for the game, it's better.

    9 june 2019 07:01

    i dont know but i think it must be goood

    18 december 2018 10:48

    hitman lıke games ??

    14 july 2019 16:44

    Hitman 1 or 2 are better?

    22 december 2018 23:12

    My favorite game

    7 december 2018 22:28